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Development opportunities

On top of an exciting job role and a competitive salary, you’ll have the chance to further develop yourself as a professional, gaining experience and learning key skills through a structured development programme and countless more opportunities.

Gain key workplace skills

Our Graduate Development Programme has been designed to help you discover and fulfil your career potential. Whether that be through the monthly workshops, the mentoring programme, or the support of the line mangers and colleagues working alongside you, everything is geared towards enabling you to become the professionals of the future.

As part of the programme, you will be taking part in monthly workshops designed to help you develop skills in various professional areas, including:

  • workplace manners
  • being confident
  • healthy conflict
  • working with others
  • presenting yourself as a brand
  • positive working mindset
  • and much more.

Here, Mike explains how the workshops helped him in his role as a Graduate Video Assistant:

We took part in monthly workshops that were taken by various professionals within the University and these were honestly so eye-opening. The first one I went to was all about how different people’s backgrounds give them a different perspective on life […] I didn’t expect to, but I used this skill and tons of others from the workshops every single day in my work, and it made everything way easier.

Mike Wilkerson, Graduate Video Assistant

Help shape the future of NTU

Alongside the workshops, you will have the chance to work in a team and undertake a University Challenge. These challenges are based on real-world problems that NTU is currently facing, and they are projects sponsored by senior leaders at the University. As graduates on this programme you will take full ownership of this project, by collaborating, conducting research, meeting with stakeholders throughout the University, and devising your own solution to the question.

In a previous year, graduates were challenged to find ways to improve mental health support on campus, and worked alongside Student Services to create an app to help address the brief. This app is currently being developed and will be made public to the entirety of NTU students once completed.

This challenge is an exciting opportunity for you to work in a team and generate new ideas, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and lead on an initiative that will have a direct impact on the University and its students – an impressive addition to your CV.

Explore a new career path

Whether you decide go for a position relevant to your degree or want to try something different, you will be supported all the way to help you grow as a professional by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and experiencing new things.

In your role you will have a line manager who is trained and committed to developing you as much as possible and helping you get the most out of the programme. They will be your main point of reference in your day job, and will be a vital part of your growth over your 13-month programme.

Find out more about all the roles available to you on our jobs page.

Be inspired by your industry mentor

NTU has alumni all over the globe, employed in a vast range of exciting and innovative professions. In partnership with the NTU Business School, selected alumni have volunteered their time to mentor the graduates on the Graduate Development Programme.

While not mandatory, this is an excellent opportunity for our graduates to learn directly from professionals outside the University, benefitting from their experience and seniority within their field. As well as giving you support on the programme, your mentor can help you:

  • define your career goals
  • gain insight into your chosen profession
  • build up a valuable network of contacts
  • develop interview and CV skills.

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