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Alistair Taylor – Project Coordinator (HR)

Alistair was on the NTU Graduate Development Programme (GDP) in 2019/20. Through hard work and by taking every opportunity that came his way, he has secured a permanent role in our HR department as a Talent Development Officer.

Alistair Taylor
The best way to develop is by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and this programme and job definitely give me the chance to do that.

My main reason for coming to NTU was because I just love the city of Nottingham. Sure, NTU was good for what I studied – which was Psychology – but it was mainly the city that made me want to come here. When it came to third year and looking for jobs, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. I knew that I didn’t want to do a Masters, and I didn’t want a job in psychology either. Fortunately, the GDP came at the perfect time for me.

The Programme put on monthly workshops for us that aimed to coach us in various skills which can be directly applied to our work. The most valuable thing I learned in these workshops was how to handle conflict. I’ve always seen conflict in such a negative light, but I now realise that conflict – when handled well – can be healthy and beneficial to all parties involved. Whereas before I would simply have backed myself and argued my point until the cows came home, now I’m happy to try and understand where the other person is coming from and see if we can come to a mutual agreement. It was so helpful and has meant that doing my job is so much easier as I can take a step back and understand different points of views before coming to a decision.

My time working here has made me so much more confident in putting myself into new situations. I’ve begun to realise that the best way to develop is by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and the GDP and job definitely gave me the chance to do that.

Since the Programme I have managed to secure myself a permanent role as a Talent Development Officer in HR. It’s my job to lead on projects and programmes that help to develop NTU colleagues. This role is so rewarding as I’m essentially getting paid to improve and develop my colleagues in the workplace. I never set out to go into this line of work, however the GDP opened my eyes to a career path I hadn’t considered before.

I’d recommend the Programme to anyone from NTU, whether you know what career you want to go onto or not. It gives you such a high level of development that no other job I know would give you, and it really helps you on the first step toward your future career. Also, it’s an opportunity to stay in Nottingham. If you studied here and loved your time in this city like I did, what’s stopping you from applying?

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