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Betty Barucco – Junior Creative

Betty was on the NTU Graduate Development Programme (GDP) for 2018/19. She came over from Italy to study at NTU, loved it so much she wanted to stay, and managed to secure a place on the programme. She worked as a Junior Creative in our Digital Marketing team, and loved every second.

Betty Barucco
It’s great to see higher management actually interested in your perspective as a young graduate.

I moved to the UK about four years ago to come study at NTU, where I graduated in Fashion Communication & Promotion. I’d never been to Nottingham, I didn’t know anyone here, and my family are still all living in Italy so it was kind of a big change – but I loved it here so much that I decided to stay.

At first, I was so busy working on my third-year projects that I honestly had no chance to even think about jobs. Shortly after graduating, I was looking for vacancies on FutureHub (NTU’s own employability website) and found two of the roles on the GDP that were available at the time. They all sounded great, but I ended up applying for the one I felt suited me the most. I was so happy when I actually got the job.

One of the most valuable things I learnt is probably that you never stop learning. As my first proper job, I was worried that I’d struggle to fit in and have any real impact on such a big, established organisation. But that wasn’t the case at all – from day one I felt welcomed and I was treated like a valuable part of the team. It’s great to see higher management actually interested in your perspective as a young graduate, and it has made me less worried about feeling inadequate or not experienced enough because it felt like a safe place to learn and make mistakes.

I’d say most graduates leave university with lots of skill and lots of enthusiasm, but often lack all of that stuff in between that keeps it all together, the things you can’t really teach – I guess what you’d call interpersonal skills. The Programme is great because it’s a perfect bridge between university and the workplace; you get to be part of a professional team and work with your line manager and other senior staff, whilst also building a support network with other people your age who are going through a similar experience.

Both the workshops and the job role itself have definitely helped me better understand myself as a professional and as a person. Facing people, situations and challenges that you’re normally not exposed to can bring out aspects of yourself that you didn’t know before, especially after spending so many years in the safe, sheltered environment that is education.

I would definitely recommend this programme to any NTU graduates who want to measure themselves against professional standards and experience first-hand the ins and outs of working within such a large organisation. It’s also great if you’re not totally sure what you want to do yet, as you basically get to take an extra year at NTU and have the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects while also getting paid to do it!

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