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Decs McNally – Finance Officer

Decs is currently on the Graduate Development Programme (GDP) as a Finance Officer. He is taking every opportunity thrown at him and is hoping that his time on the Programme will lay the foundation for his future career.

This scheme involves you with operational tasks, and at the end of my current role, my expertise will auspiciously impact any job interview, internally or externally to NTU.

The GDP is an opportunity that I found too attractive to turn down. The experience and support that I’m receiving in my role is invaluable. By working closely with colleagues with vast experience, I’m able to learn from their work in order to improve my own. I’m being given opportunities to undertake meaningful work which influences the University and the current five-year strategy. If I chose to work in the private sector, like many of my friends, much of the work I would be doing would be data inputting. This scheme involves you with operational tasks, and at the end of my current role, my expertise will positively impact any job interview, internally or externally to NTU.

After being in the role for just two months I was trusted to meet department heads on my own to discuss budget devolving and forecasting for multi-million pound business areas. I feel that I’ve grown professionally over my short time at NTU, and I’m looking forward to taking on greater responsibility in my department.

Outside of the job role there’s a community of graduates which helps me both professionally and personally. Professionally, it provides a network across different areas of the University which can provide support when required, but also socially as I have developed relationships within the community and regularly meet outside of work.

Finally, I’m getting a different perspective on the University. For the last four years I’ve been a student here, never really understanding the internal processes required to run a successful university. I’m enjoying the new viewpoint and being able to contribute to the University’s success is a great motivator, giving a sense of pride that I’m part of providing the best experience possible for nearly 40,000 students.

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