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Emma Hollingworth - Information Security Analyst

Emma is currently on the NTU Graduate Development Programme as an Information Security Analyst. She is loving the programme and is already seeing the fruits of the development opportunities the programme can offer.

Emma Hollingworth

Emma Hollingworth

"I am loving the constant learning curve that I’m on and the freedom to try new things."

At the start of my studies, I was on a pure Business Management degree, but I enjoyed the HR module so much that I decided to transfer over to Business Management and HR. Changing course meant that I was able to learn about topics that I never thought I would be able to. In the same way, I am in a job that I hadn’t even considered before, but I am loving the constant learning curve that I’m on and the freedom to try new things.

The programme has made me much more confident in my abilities. When I first started I wasn’t sure that I would have enough knowledge and skills to be able to perform highly in my role and was reluctant to take on big responsibilities; I had a habit of doubting myself and not putting myself into difficult situations. Now I am surer of myself and feel like I can adjust to anything that is thrown at me. Especially as I have gone into a job vastly different to my background, I don’t feel like I have to limit myself to what I am comfortable or used to because I am more confident about pushing myself out my comfort zone.

I feel like graduates that haven’t had the opportunity to do a placement year or work experience might lack a certain level of professionalism that would be expected of you in work. I struggled with even the most basic things, like sending an email in the right format, or networking properly. One of the first workshops we had looked at professionalism and how we present ourselves in the workplace, which are skills that you aren’t necessarily taught at university but are such a vital aspect of being part of a team and organisation.

I would recommend this programme to NTU graduates studying any course, whether they know what career they want to go into or if they are still unsure. It’s such a great way to improve yourself and learn to have more faith in your abilities in an environment where you are encouraged to develop and try new things that you are interested in. The aim of the programme is to provide you with as much experience as possible during the year – whether you decide to stay at NTU or not. Not many jobs will offer you this opportunity when they know you might leave them. You also get a lot of support from your fellow graduates and colleagues who all want to help you transition into the world of work.