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Kim Burt – Project Coordinator (HR)

Kim’s a natural introvert who, through the Graduate Development Programme (GDP), has finally found the confidence to make the most of her opportunities.

Kim Burt

Kim Burt

"I would 100% would recommend the Programme to a friend, it’s the best thing I ever did for my professional development."

When I finished my studies at NTU, I really lacked confidence. I’m quite a naturally introverted person and would always find it difficult to make myself heard in new situations. Being on the GDP helped me to massively improve this in a variety of situations. The Programme helped me explore why I lacked confidence, and once I understood why, it was so much easier to work on ways to boost my self-assurance. Before, I ‘d never have been able to hold a conversation with senior staff or stand in front of a room of people to deliver a presentation or a workshop. Now, thanks to the development opportunities, I can confidently take on these tasks and know I can do a good job of it. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am at now without the Programme.

The staff here are so supportive. My line manager provides a perfect blend of support and opportunities to be independent which was so helpful for me. She and the rest of the line managers are fantastic at putting you forward for chances to develop and improve yourself. They’re all committed to seeing us graduates be the best professionals we can be, and it’s comforting to know that we have people invested in us.

Following the GDP, I was looking to stay at NTU, and after my colleagues had seen my work on the Programme I was offered a six-month contract to support with projects in HR. I was then offered a permanent role as a Project Officer, helping to shape a new team. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to push myself if it wasn’t for the Programme, and it was great to have the support of my line manager and fellow graduates going into a new role. Once I left my graduate role the development really didn’t stop there. My line manager Rachel is a great role model to have and she really believes in my abilities and skills. I’m now studying my Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management whilst working full-time, and Rachel supports me with that so I can find balance between my work life, studies and home life. I now lead on numerous projects and I’m helping to shape a new team in HR, improving policies and practices in line with University’s strategy – something I never thought I would be doing before the GDP.

I would 100% would recommend the Programme to a friend, it’s the best thing I ever did for my professional development. It’s coached me to have the drive to push on when projects come to a stop rather than just buckling under the pressure. Most of all, it’s helped me to think of myself as a professional rather than just a student who is in a job.