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Shiva Siadatan — CERT Officer

Shiva Siadatan

"During the first few weeks on the programme, I learnt a lot about my professional self and how I could be as productive as possible by utilising my strengths."

I was a Talent Programmes Coordinator in the 2020/21 cohort. I really valued my time on the programme, both the professional experience I gained in my role and the monthly workshops. It was great being part of a programme that is so invested in seeing graduates of NTU succeed and willing to invest in their development. I learned about myself and my working style professionally, up until the programme I had little experience as a working professional, so being able to gain this experience in a developmental way with support was invaluable. One of the most valuable skill I gained was project management. This is a huge part of the role I was in, and any role I have been in since I left the programme. This is one of the many transferrable skills I gained and that’s what is great about the programme, almost anything learnt can be transferred to future roles.

Since being part of the programme in 2021, I am now a Collaborative Engagement Retention Officer in CenSCE, a professional services department within NTU. The experience I gained on the GDP, has definitely helped me in my current role as they have similar core elements and I have been able to further develop the skills I gained on the programme. My future plans are to stay within HE, and help students from disadvantaged backgrounds succeed at University.