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Job Roles

Browse the graduate roles available and begin the next step of your journey.

NTU is a great place to work. We take care of our colleagues with flexible and competitive packages, and the opportunities for genuine professional progress. We respect and value all our staff, because we know that it takes a strong and diverse workforce to maintain the kind of success we’ve achieved.

Our award-winning research is celebrated around the world, and we’re proud of our strategic partnerships. It’s all down to the ability of our people to shape, create and innovate, in whatever capacity they work with us. Our continued success — underpinned by the number of prestigious national awards we’ve won — has hinged on two commitments: creating excellent global collaborations, and harnessing the talents of all our people.

NTU is a university at the peak of its power, but we know we can still go even further. Join us in our mission to become ‘the university of the future’ — seize the challenge and adventure of working with an organisation where progress never stops.

This is your career, reimagined.

Marketing and Communications roles

If you have an interest in marketing, communications or even research and data, you might be interested in some of these roles. Our marketing and communications roles all require customer focus and innovative thinking. You’re a great fit if you are creative, good at conveying information and a problem solver who can think on their feet.

Project Management roles

If you’re interested in project management, policy, event planning or administration there could be the perfect role for you. You might be interested in some of our project management roles because you’re interested in a specific field such as Law and GDPR, Digital Technologies or Learning and Development. You’re a great fit for these roles if you have good organisation and communication skills.

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