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Criminology and Policing

Analyse crime and criminality from every angle: the social and psychological factors that cause it, the modern methods for investigating it, and the legal framework for fighting it. By exploring contemporary policing and criminology, you’ll graduate with excellent prospects and connections.

Studying Criminology and Policing at NTU

Our undergraduate courses combine hands-on experience with theory, policy and practice.

We have strong ties to Nottinghamshire Police, professional forensic experts, and former criminal justice practitioners. Our undergraduate courses enable you to embark on a career in the criminal justice and enforcement.

With support from specialist staff and research experts, these courses will enable you to gain a critical and informed understanding of the policies, legislations, analytical techniques and debates that are currently shaping the field.

Learn more about Criminology and Policing at NTU

Hear from Phil Rudkin, Principal Lecturer, for a taste of what to expect if you decide to study Criminology and Policing at NTU.

Careers in criminology, policing and beyond

Your career options after studying for a criminology or policing degree are vast. You'll have developed the skills that many employers are looking for in areas such as gathering and analysing data, problem-solving, oral and written communication, and advanced use of IT software.

Some of the areas that our graduates have gone into include:

  • policing
  • prison service
  • probation service
  • other law enforcement agencies
  • investigative roles in agencies such as the RSPCA

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