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Games and Esports

The gaming industry is diverse, exciting, and growing rapidly. With courses ranging from games art and technology to esports production, we can prepare you for every aspect of this fast-paced industry, turning your interests into specialisms and your passion for digital arts into a viable career.

Studying Games and Esports at NTU

With the rise of independent production houses and the arrival of VR into the gaming mainstream, there’s never been a more exciting time to join the industry – so could you be the next Miyamato, Kojima or Houser?

It’s official: gaming is now a bigger worldwide business than film and music, with the sector generating $115 billion in 2018. At NTU you’ll be taught the technical and artistic skills necessary to embark on a career in the fast-paced world of games.

Depending on what course you study, you will either be based at Confetti, inside the £9.1million hub for digital media - Confetti HQ, at the new esports complex - Confetti X, at Clifton Campus, or at the new Design & Digital Arts building. You will have access to virtual and augmented reality hardware and software, as well as motion capture facilities. With four major independent and AAA games companies right on our doorstep, there's no better place to start your career in the games industry.

Industry Week

Studying at Confetti you will get access to our annual Industry Week, where guest speakers and mentors from the music industry are invited in to talk to students. Our students have the opportunity to learn from people working in the industry right now, and can make invaluable contacts during this week.

Past Industry Week guests have included:

  • Mark Garvey Candella - Director of Student and Education Programs at Twitch
  • Unequalled Media
  • JD Wu - award-winning Technical Director
  • Ubisoft
  • Rockstar Games
  • TSM
  • Jacky - award-winning esports commentator
  • Sumo Digital

New Design & Digital Arts Building

Launching in 2024, the new Design & Digital Arts Building will place Nottingham as a UK hub for film, television, animation, UX design, games design, graphic design, and more.

Do it for real

We’re well-connected in the world of esports, and, thanks to our world-class facilities, we've played host to the NSE British University Esports Championship Finals; the British Esports Association Student Champs Finals; and the Commonwealth Games Esports Championships. At each event, our games and esports students have played key roles.

Students from Confetti have been working with The NUEL and GGTech to host the Amazon University Esports UK and Ireland finals, with more tournaments with The NUEL on the horizon.

Jobs in Games and Esports

After studying a degree in games and esports, you’ll leave NTU and Confetti with a host of invaluable technical and critical thinking skills that will allow you to work in the esports industry, with a focus on production and technology. As technology continues to develop, you’ll be one step ahead in being able to adapt to emerging technologies.

You could find yourself working in areas such as event management, broadcast and production, marketing, games design or event production.

Future careers

  • Games tester
  • Lead QA
  • 3D environment artist
  • 2D artist
  • Games designer
  • Games programmer
  • Shoutcaster
  • Analyst
  • Streamer
  • Production manager

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