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Our European Students and Alumni

Our European students and alumni are strong and valued ambassadors for the University. Read more about their experiences and their advice for future students on this page.

Kirkke Poldsalu

"I feel really welcomed here, I feel it has a good vibe and people really help you to settle in." BSc (Hons) Forensic Science

Essi Peuhkuri

"What I really like about my course is the way it allows me to follow my personal interests, which has helped me a lot in developing my own style and voice as a designer."

Andreea Avramescu

MSc Human Resource Management student Andreea Avramescu tells us about his experience studying at NBS (Nottingham Business School).

Maria Iliadou

"Communication and boosting my self-confidence are the key skills I have developed whilst studying at NBS. I am much surer about myself and contributing my ideas in a public forum." MSc Human Resource Management

Antonio Cuyas

"I found moving to Nottingham effortless due to it being a great student city. Living here has been fantastic as it is perfectly positioned in the middle of England and is not as big or hectic as other cities such as London or Manchester." MSc Digital Marketing

Nicole Grebe-Grotefend

"Living in the Nottingham is very different from living in Germany. Politeness is just one of the things that are much more prominent here. Studying here is very different. There is much more autonomy and freedom to pursue your own interest and to get involved in many different things." MSc Human Resource Management

Katarina Miler

Employability Team has shown great reliability and extraordinary interest in each student’s satisfaction, they have provided constant support and were enthusiastic to keep up to date with my tasks and progress while on placement.