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Partnering with us

If you are interested in developing a research, exchange or any other form of academic partnership with Nottingham Trent University, we'd love to hear your proposals for potential collaboration. You can find out more here about the types of partnership we have established and are currently developing.

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NTU's International Institutional Partners

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An institutional international partnership is an academic linkage that has moved beyond being a partnership maintained mostly by individual and personal relationships, to a deep, long-term, sustainable partnership of mutual benefit that is managed and maintained at the institution level. This type of strategic partnership is multi-faceted and involves a wide range of academic activities which have matured and grown in size and complexity over time.

We have so far established four international institutional partners and you can read more about the activity taking place with each on the links below.

Research Partnerships


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Research partnerships are pivotal in helping to grow our research capability, opening up access to world-class collaborators and facilities, and nurturing outstanding PhD students across multiple institutions. Our joint research activity spans the globe, with world-leading academics collaborating and sharing expertise across borders. This continues to inform our teaching and provides our PhD students with valuable support and expertise.

Learn more about NTU’s research activity and the key research themes we have developed in collaboration with partners all over the world.

Collaborative Online International learning (COIL)

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In collaboration with our partners we continue to innovate the student experience, for example through embedding new Collaborative Online Learning (COIL) opportunities into our curriculum. These projects equip students with highly desired intercultural skills, enabling them to work across borders without the need for international travel.

Colleagues working in the School of Architecture, Design and Built Environment’s International Design Studio (IDS) initiated a collaborative project with Hanbat National University in South Korea and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China in 2018. This has since been rolled out to include Hong Kong Polytechnic University. IDS focuses on supporting international thinking through project-based learning activities using the principle of COIL. Delivered within a virtual setting, the IDS facilitates virtual learning spaces with students from NTU and the partner institution providing a vibrant international experience to the student cohort and promoting the reciprocal exchange of intellectual knowledge and design culture.

Read more about NTU’s COIL projects and contact the team at