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Julie Page


"Collaboration with our valued partners in Europe spans many borders, languages and disciplines. Working with our partners we provide life-changing, full-year and semester study abroad opportunities for our students and those of our partners. We have developed innovative joint and dual degree programmes, and continue to collaborate on important research and consultancy projects. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about our work across Europe and if you would like to get involved."

Julie Page

European Mobility Manager, NTU Global

“Every time my Italian colleague from Nottingham calls me, a Hungarian professor working for a French business school, for one of our super-efficient ‘flash’ meetings to discuss the next steps in the improvement of our joint double degree programs, it becomes evident that our international co-operation goes beyond staff and student exchange. It's also a deeply human experience across cultures, borders and personal stories that we all share and cherish.”

Balázs Siklos ESC Clermont, France

“Our collaboration with Nottingham Business School has played a vital role in broadening our perspectives toward internationalization and sustainability. Within this partnership, three significant events have taken place in the last year: the UN75 project, the participation of professor Palermo as a guest speaker in an MBA course, and the Global Conversation project that will take place among Icesi, Nottingham, and DePaul University. Students and faculty have had the opportunity to engage in dynamic and vibrant conversations to exchange ideas, learn about other people's world views, and experience valuable cross-cultural differences.”

Enrique Ramírez Dean, Universidad ICESI, Portugal