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Meet the NTU Global team

Our team has many years of experience working in the field of global education. Our network of contacts covers the globe, and we thrive on delivering dynamic solutions in partnership with the friends of NTU. More than anything, this team has energy and enthusiasm – and a sense of fun. You’ll find contact details on this page, and if you want to get in touch, we look forward to speaking to you.


Partnerships team

  • Dr Clare Newstead – Associate Director (Animal, Rural & Environmental Sciences, Science & Technology)
  • Andrew Plant – Associate Director (Arts & Humanities, Architecture Design & the Built Environment, Art & Design, Confetti)
  • Chris Crabot – Associate Director (Business, Law and Social Sciences)
  • Teresa Dymond – Senior Global Partnerships Manager – Africa, Middle East, Americas
  • Pei Liu – Senior Global Partnerships Manager – East Asia
  • Vidhi Sahae – Senior Global Partnerships Manager – South Asia, South East Asia and Australia
  • Julie Page – European Mobility Manager
  • Nicki Carroll – Global Partnerships Coordinator
  • Chengni Fu - Global Pathways and Partnerships Officer
  • Bernie Yorston - Global Administrator

Study abroad team

Global student opportunities

Global Student Experience

Nottingham Trent International College (NTIC) Progression

Global Student Opportunities Marketing

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