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Criminology and Criminal Justice Research Seminars

The Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice Research (C&CJ) Seminar Series welcomes internal and external academics as well as doctoral students to discuss their latest research.


This is the list of research seminars for the academic year 2020-2021 (taking place on Microsoft Teams). For more information (or if you would like to present and/or attend future events) please contact the C&CJ research seminars convenors, Associate Professor Becky Thompson ( and Dr Irene Zempi (

List of C&CJ research seminars for academic year 2020-21



Paper title 

12th May 2021

Associate Professor Becky Thompson & Dr Irene Zempi (introduction)

Associate Professor Andy Newton

Brief introduction to the CCJ seminar programme

The 168-hour crime week. An under used analysis tool

26th May 2021

Dr Claire de Motte

Ian Mahoney, Kirsty Teague & Matt Long

‘We’ll just be labelled “a whinging old fart”’: how met perceptions prevent older men in prison from accessing health and social care support

Populist and vindictive constructions of sexual offending, pluralities of violence, and the implications for criminal and social justice.

9th June 2021

Elliot Doornbos

Mark Housley

What works in reducing the illegal trade in shark fins

What do the UK public need the police for?

23rd June 2021

Dr Silvia Da Mota Gomes

From prisons to communities: The re-entry process of male and female adult prisoners


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