Social Work, Care and Community

Want to make a difference? Social work, care and community offer some of the most rewarding, challenging and important jobs going – roles that give you the chance to meaningfully improve life for individuals, families, and even whole communities.

If you’re ready to make that kind of a difference, these hands-on, employed focused degrees will help you master the field’s theories and principles, and then apply them beyond the classroom – with people, individually and collectively.

Through work-based learning and teaching from qualified experts in the areas of social work and social care, our undergraduate courses will help you build the knowledge and skills to confidently work in partnership with people often going through particular challenges in their lives.

Employability is a key focus and our specialist staff bring years of experience of working and researching in the Health and Social Care sector and support our graduates achieving careers in social work, social care, mental health, youth work, policing, teaching, nursing and health promotion.

Designed to sharpen your skills and deepen your knowledge, our courses are notable for their focus on professional practice and subject expertise. You will be supported in focusing on, and specialising in, specific areas of practice through critical consideration of a range of concepts including power, law, social justice and human rights.

Sociology, social policy and psychology also inform our offer and we are proud to work collaboratively with employers, students, service users and carers in designing course materials to ensure they are effective and contemporary.

Our Subject Areas

Our Research Groups and Centres

Work, Well-Being and Performance

Work, Well-Being and Performance

The Work, Well-being and Performance research group focuses on im-proving the health and well-being, working lives, and productivity of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Centre for Public Health and Health Systems

Our research aims for excellence and impact, with a focus on continuing the research themes of our existing partnerships: community engagement, health promotion and prevention, and primary care through investing in teaching, research training and placement opportunities.

Reducing Self-Harm

Around 220,000 emergency department visits each year are from people who have self-harmed. Aside from the impact on the individual, these visits place a significant cost on health care services and an emotional burden on staff. Our research is geared to new strategies that support people who self-harm and understanding their motivations. Young people, adults in secure psychiatric facilities and offenders

Intelligent Care Guidance and Learning Services Platform for Informal Carers of the Elderly (iCarer)

Intelligent Care Guidance and Learning Services Platform for Informal Carers of the Elderly (iCarer)

The iCarer project will develop a personalized and adaptive platform to offer informal carers support by means of monitoring activities of daily care, as well as their psychological state, and providing an orientation to help them improve the care provided.

Tackling Sexual Abuse and Preventing Further Victims

Sexual crime is one of the most damaging things that can happen to someone. We need to understand how to prevent sexual abuse and discover new ways to rehabilitate offenders and prevent them harming anyone again.We set up the sexual Offending, crime and misconduct research unit to combat sexual abuse. We have contributed to changes in the criminal justice system and various sex offender treatment programmes.


100% of our BA (Hons) Social Work students are satisfied with the course overall National Student Survey 2018


100% of our BA (Hons) Social Work students are in employment or further study within six months of finishing their degree DLHE 2016/17


Top 20 Guardian Guardian ranking 2019

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