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Bioscience Facilities

Our Bioscience Facilities are supplied with specialist scientific equipment for biochemistry, pharmacology or microbiology students.

About the facility

Students in Bioscience Teaching Laboratory

Students working in the Bioscience Teaching Laboratory.

Located within the Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Centre (ISTEC) at Clifton Campus, the recently established Bioscience Teaching Laboratory is supplied with a diverse range of specialized scientific equipment, designed to significantly enhance your learning experience.

If you study biochemistry, pharmacology or microbiology at the undergraduate level or masters degree, you'll have exclusive access to these resources for your research projects and practical sessions, which are conducted in smaller groups. Our hands-on approach allows you to gain first-hand experience with cutting-edge equipment that directly relates to your chosen field of study.

Additionally, our technical team is always on hand to provide you with support and ensure the smooth operation of the facilities which are also available to researchers, and industry professionals alike, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange.

Our Bioscience Laboratories

Class 2 MSC biological safety cabinet

Our laboratory has a dedicated cell culture facility featuring 8 class II biological safety cabinets and CO2 incubators, specifically engineered to safeguard and cultivate sensitive materials such as cells against harmful or unsanitary surroundings. These chambers are equipped with ventilation systems that effectively regulate air quality, ward off contaminants, and prevent the entry of biohazards. Consequently, this creates an optimal environment for conducting sterile procedures, handling samples, and ensuring seamless and efficient processes within the enclosure.

Compound Inverted Microscopes

To enhance the growth and maintenance of cells in our laboratory, lab is equipped with an inverted microscope that enables researchers to observe the progression and behaviour of cells as they grow and develop. Built with two sets of lenses to obtain higher magnification and two-dimensional images; available in inverted, upright, and application-based configurations.

Benchtop Centrifuge

The benchtop centrifuge enables researchers to gently separate cells from the culture vessel, ensuring their viability and allowing for further expansion. By carefully spinning the culture vessel at high speeds, the centrifuge separates the cells based on their density, enabling the collection of healthy and undamaged cells for subsequent experiments or expansion into new culture vessels.

Gel Electrophoresis Equipment

In order to effectively analyse and separate DNA, RNA, and protein samples based on their molecular size, we have incorporated gel electrophoresis equipment into our laboratory. Gel electrophoresis is a widely used technique that employs an electric field to move charged molecules through a gel matrix, allowing for their separation based on size and charge.

QuantStudio 3

Real-time PCR system is an advanced instrument that goes beyond traditional PCR by allowing researchers to monitor the accumulation of amplified DNA product in real time as the reaction progresses. This real-time monitoring capability provides students and researchers with valuable insights into the kinetics of the PCR reaction, allowing for accurate quantification of DNA samples and detection of specific genetic targets. These technologies enable efficient DNA analysis, molecular diagnostics, and genetic research, contributing to advancements in various fields of science and medicine.

PCR Amplification Machine

In our laboratory, we have PCR machines that quickly amplify DNA samples. These machines maintain precise temperature control to create the best conditions for DNA amplification. Students can program the desired temperature cycles and run multiple PCR reactions at once, making the process efficient and allowing for a large volume of DNA to be amplified. This technology is essential in various fields, including genetic testing, disease diagnosis, forensic analysis, and research studies.

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  • Students in Bioscience Teaching Laboratory
    Bioscience Teaching Laboratory
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    Bioscience ISTeC
  • Class 2 MSC Biological Safety Cabinet
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    Inverted Microscope
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