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Science and Technology

Study or work with the School of Science and Technology in an environment that is inspiring, innovative and relevant to business and society. Our students leave us inspired by what they have learned, proud of their achievements and believing they have had the ideal preparation for their future lives and careers.

The School is an exciting multidisciplinary environment for learning, teaching and research, with some of the best facilities in the UK. We specialise in biosciences, chemistry, computing and technology, engineering, forensic science, mathematics, physics and sport science. This mix of traditional and modern subjects encourages and inspires future innovators. We pride ourselves on our high-quality teaching that gives our students the maximum chance to develop the practical, hands-on skills employers are looking for.

Research in the School is rich and diverse, with staff conducting internationally recognised and world-leading research (REF2014) of major importance to society, providing significant contributions to scientific knowledge, advanced research training and opportunities for commercial exploitation. Through a number of dedicated centres and groups, we offer a wealth of expertise to support your business development needs. The specialist centres provide scientific services, consultancy and research specifically tailored to industry and academia.

Our Subject Areas

Our Research Groups and Centres

Pathogen Research

The Pathogen Research Group is a mixture of classical bacterial genetics and pathogenesis research.

Tumour Biology and Immunology

Our group conducts fundamental and translational research into a range of cancers

Bioinformatics and Biomathematics

Bioinformatics and Biomathematics

Our research focuses on the development of mathematical, statistical and computational solutions to biological challenges

Proteomics and Genomics

Our research is in analysis of proteomes and genomes to understand mechanisms of human diseases, cell biology, evolutionary processes and food authenticity

Neurobiology, Toxicology and Pharmacology

Memory formation; brain development and organisation; cellular models of toxicity, cell signalling and cardioprotection.

Optics and Displays

Our work develops liquid crystal and electrowetting based display devices and includes design, fabrication and testing. Within optics we use optical interference techniques, fiber optic devices and multispectral cameras.

Network Infrastructures and Cyber-Security

Network Infrastructures and Cyber-Security

The main research area of this group is wireless and mobile communication networks domain.

ISAAC - Mobile laboratory

ISAAC - Mobile laboratory

The Imaging & Sensing for Archaeology, Art History & Conservation (ISAAC) laboratory was established at Nottingham Trent University to further develop the use of optical imaging and sensing instrumentation (hardware, software, data processing and analysis) in archaeology, art history and conservation.

SS2i - Scientific Services to Industry

Scientific Services to Industry (SS2i) offers a range of analytical, experimental and technical services to Industry via access to facilities across the School of Science and Technology.

Cell Biology, Ageing and Pathology

Our research activities are key to an understanding of major diseases and their progression and ultimately may lead to new, improved therapeutic options

Featured Facility

Ballistics Lab

With ballistics experts in great demand, get ahead in your forensics career by gaining experience of ammunition and firearms in our Ballistics Laboratory.

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