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Department of Forensic Science

Forensic science is an exciting, industry-led subject area which uses science to investigate legal questions. Practitioners may work in a variety of roles and contribute to an investigation either through direct contact with the crime scene, the evidence or through opinions based on their expertise in a particular subject area.

Students will gain their knowledge and skills from academics who have been employed as forensic experts and from active specialists in a range of forensic areas - staff are qualified and experienced in crime scene examination, toxicology, controlled drugs, bio-archaeology and stomach content analysis.

Our facilities and equipment are of industry standard and are used for teaching and research, as well as by professionals. Research and consultancy collaborations and opportunities with our forensic staff are available in the areas of: toxicology, stomach contents, body recovery, crime scene training, ISO 17025/17020 accreditation and controlled drug investigations.

Our crime scene training facility is one of the largest in the UK, with a briefing room, CCTV and blood pattern analysis laboratory, as well as a ballistic lab with hi-tech comparison microscope and reference collection of materials used in firearm identification. Students and researchers also have a access to our well-equipped document examination lab, instrument lab and a teaching lab with equipment to cover a range of forensic investigations including multi spectrum light sources, fingerprint enhancement and identification; and human remains identification.

Students can benefit from hands-on access to a range of analytical instrumentation in our Superlab facility in the Rosalind Franklin building and the ISTeC labs.

Forensic Science courses

Welcome to the real world of forensics. Forget what the TV tells you — there’s more to forensic science than poking at a handgun with a pen.

Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021

In the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021, 86% of NTU's research impact was assessed to be either world-leading or internationally excellent. The overall quality of each Unit of Assessment NTU submitted to REF in 2021 also saw an improvement from the previous REF in 2014.

Services to business

The Forensic Science team provide consultancy services through our Scientific Services to Industry (SS2i). Organisations and individuals can access technical expertise through our facilities, knowledge base and equipment.

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