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Tech Studio and Electronics Lab

Our tech lab provides you with the equipment needed to test designs and create small circuits or programming to aid final prototypes and designs.

Electronic equipment

There are 10 workstations set out with test equipment and tool such as power supplys, multi-meters, signal generators, soldering irons and breadboards.

These are used for taught classes for BSc and MSc Product Design and open access for other cohorts and project work.

Other items, such as oscilloscopes and various electronics measurement equipment, are available as needed.

Programming equipment

All BSc Product Design students get tuition in basic Arduino programming with the opportunity to do more advanced programs if projects require.

Also available are BBC Micro:bit boards and Raspberry Pi boards with programming help for projects.

Circuit board testing

We have an LPKF E33 PCB prototyping machine to manufacture printed circuit boards for projects, research and labs.

Robotics kit

With the BBC Micro:bit we have robotics motor control boards and various types of motor, wheels, etc. for simple robotic and moving products.