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Creative Digital Architecture and Construction Lab

This specialist lab is a space you may use in your final year if you're interested in more advanced digital technologies and are pursuing that in your project work. Our Professors and researchers work in this space which is also home to virtual reality technologies, allowing you to immerse yourself in digital spaces.

Academic and postgraduate researcher using the virtual reality technology in the creative and virtual technologies laboratory

Virtual Reality Technology

If you are interested in advanced digital technologies, our cutting edge VR technology space will allow you to work with professionals and researchers in your final year.

  • 20 networked workstations
  • Virtual Reality suite
  • Mixed Reality suite
  • HD video conferencing rooms
  • Display technologies (including 3D animation, holographic display, Zspace table)
  • Interactive screens
  • Projection screens

Creative and Virtual Technology software

  • Rendering software (Navisworks, Atlantis, Maya)
  • Game engines (Unity 3D, Unreal Engine)
  • Advanced / parametric modelling software (Rhino/Grasshopper, Honeybee, LadyBug, Generative component, Cinema4D, 3Ds Max)
  • Image and video editing systems (Photoshop, Adobe Premiere)
  • Building simulation systems (IESVE, Ansys, Oasys)
  • Point Cloud data registration and processing software (Leica Cyclone 3D)
  • BIM software (Microstation, Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD)
  • Open source games (Unity 3D)