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University Centre

Studying a course at NTU in Mansfield means you’ll get to learn in our dedicated £6.5 million University Centre. Our centre is equipped with all the tools and technology you need to succeed in your studies and provides a relaxing space for you to grab some food or a drink before your lecture.

Mansfield University Centre
Lecture theatre at Mansfield

Lecture theatre

You’ll find our 100-seat lecture theatre in the University Centre which features retractable seating for flexible teaching approaches and events. You'll be taught here by our NTU academics, researchers and experts and will benefit from our small class sizes for tailored support.

Physiology Lab

Physiology Lab

Our modern lab’s wide space is utilised for practical sessions with accompanying large interactive digital wall display (wall mounted screen). Equipment includes:

  • Respiratory Gas Analysis using Servomex gas analysers (O2 and CO2 composition of expired air) / douglas bag collection racks
  • Blood glucose and lactate sampling and analysis using Biosen c-line glucose and lactate analyser
  • Maximal and submaximal exercise testing using Monark 894E peak bikes / Wattbike pros / hp cosmos treadmill
  • Force analysis using Kistler force plates
  • Balance, static, and dynamic gait analysis using RS footscan 1.5m matt
  • Other: Bioelectrical impedance device, Polar team heart rate monitoring system, cholesterol analysers, Skinfold callipers, Capto golf putting sensor, Forb large golf matt and net.
Rooftop garden

Rooftop garden

Fancy a change of scenery? Make your way up to the second floor and you will find our beautiful rooftop garden. This space offers a place for students to study, socialise with friends and catch up with our academic team.

Psychology Lab (dark room)

Our Psychology Lab Teaching room is used for lectures and practical sessions with accompanying large interactive digital wall display (wall mounted screen). Walls are painted black to aid immersive technology and reduces reflections (unwanted markers) when using 3D motion capture cameras.

Equipment includes:

  • Tobii Pro eye tracker glasses used to analyse gaze data in a sporting context
  • Qualisys 3D motion capture system utilising 6 portable Miqus cameras, associated Mocap suit with marker cluster set [Used in Biomechanics but works well in the ‘psychology lab’ due to dark walls].

University Centre

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  • Location: NTU at Mansfield

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