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Aaisilinn Edwards Student


United Kingdom
I find my course tutors supportive and helpful. They want the best for everyone so they always make sure everyone is working to their full limit.

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What made you choose this course?
“I chose this course because I felt it had amazing facilities and it had a really good reputation. Equine management was always something I had wanted to study so Brackenhurst was the perfect place for me to come, everything is up to standard and all the people here are really friendly”.

Aislinn Edwards Student Profile

Tell me a little about the course you are doing?

“We do everything from equine biology to exercising horses. We do one morning duty and one evening duty a week, one weekend duty every three weeks and five duty days in either Christmas or summer holidays, depending on what year you are in. We have three riding lessons a week including one jump and two flatwork lessons and these usually involve pole work. There are a variety of horses to suit every ability and the yard staff/ lecturers make sure everyone is put on the right horse each lesson”.

What is your timetable like?

“I think our timetable is very flexible, I usually start at either 9 am or 11 am unless I have morning duties, then I start at 7.45 am. I usually finish at 4 pm unless I have evening duties, then I finish at 5 pm. We have a variety of both classroom lessons and practical lessons and I feel that we are provided with a good amount of time for each lesson”.

How do you travel to Brackenhurst and how long does it take to get here?

“I take the bus everyday apart from the morning I have duties, then my mum drives me. The bus journey is usually around an hour long and Brackenhurst has close connections with the coach company so they can inform us if there are any delays”.

What particular elements or modules did you enjoy the most?

“I enjoy the riding sessions as our lecturers are very experienced, they always give us feedback at the end of each lesson and we get to ride a variety of horses. I also like doing yard duties as I enjoy getting involved with all the different jobs that need doing such as grooming and mucking out”.

How did you find your course tutors?

“I find my course tutors supportive and helpful. They want the best for everyone so they always make sure everyone is working to their full limit. The staff on the yard and lecturers are very approachable if you ever need help or advice and they explain things in detail”.

Have you had any support from other departments?

“Every week we have a group tutorial with a member of staff from another department. The group talks about important factors that affect society such as LGBTQ+, knife crime, drug use, sexual health and abuse, this is a time where we can talk comfortably about anything. We also get support in careers and we have a separate lesson for this with our course leader, but sometimes lecturers from the employability department come in to help. On a Friday we get exam support, this is where we learn the correct ways to write an assignment and we get feedback on any work that we have done”.

What is it like to be a student here?

“Being a student here is very fun because you have a lot in common with others, we do lots of different activities and there are lots of different clubs and events that you can attend such as food fairs etc.”

Do you belong to any clubs or societies?

“I am proud to be part of the Riders Academy in the dressage development squad, this is a group of selected riders, five are chosen for the jump squad and five more for the dressage squad. The rider’s academy are kitted out with university branded jumpers and the elite riders are provided with extras such as a rug for their horse. External and internal coaches who work closely with the equestrian center teach the riders academy nearly every week for extra training”.

In terms of career, what do you intend to do? How many of the things you've learned would you say are "transferable" to other jobs and careers?

“I would love to have a career in the equine industry as it is something I have always dreamed of. The equine course does provide a variety of different pathways to take if you are unsure. The lecturers help and support the decisions you make as we have lessons to help us with our career pathways”.

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