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Catherine Romero


United States of America
The trip to Spain was definitely one of the best weeks of my life.

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“I chose to study BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation at Nottingham Trent University because the course and lecturers seemed intellectually stimulating and the campus was beautiful. My course teaches you the basics of ecology; wildlife management techniques including many different types of surveys; and gives us a practical side to put what we have learnt into practice.

“I really enjoyed the first-year module Behaviour as it allowed us to go on many trips to observe animal behaviour such as red deer and grey seals. Furthermore, the lecturers on this course are very knowledgeable and passionate about the subjects, which then motivates the students.

“I would highly recommend this course because it provides a practical side to the course that can be accessed right here on Brackenhurst Campus. There is also a large range of trips that have all be extremely enjoyable.

“The trips have included Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Donna Nook observing red deer, Spain, and the Natural History Museum. These trips provide off campus experiences, which add to your knowledge and understanding of conservation. Furthermore, the trip to Spain was definitely one of the best weeks of my life thanks to the university. It provided me with extensive experiences and practice in the field of Wildlife Conservation.

“During the Spain trip I also took part in many different surveys including sunrise/sunset, freshwater and terrestrial invertebrate surveys, camera trapping, bird surveys, butterfly surveys, vegetation surveys and spotlighting. The highlight of this trip was catching a wolf on our camera trap. The scenery was also breathtaking and like something off a movie.

“The employability team have helped me with sourcing my six-week placement. They also provide a lot of support in CV building, interview techniques and revision techniques.

“I had been to Nottingham once before I came to study here and loved the city. It had a buzzing atmosphere and had something for everyone including cinema, restaurants, an array of bars, ice-skating, clubs and the list goes on. The city is always a nice getaway when you need a break from university and it’s only a bus ride down the road from Brackenhurst.

“Brackenhurst is a very tight knit community. As this is home to the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences, everyone shares similar interests. The people here are very kind and it is very easy to make friends. The campus helps me feel relaxed during the toughest times. If I feel stressed, there’s many miles of woodland and idyllic pastures to walk through or pop to the bar where you’ll always see a familiar face.

“As an international student, it took a few weeks for me to settle in. It is always seen as a very nerve-racking experience moving away, however it was the best decision I ever made. Brackenhurst is now my home and I couldn’t be happier here.

“Moving to a new country was very hard - harder than I expected. I didn’t think there would be a big difference between America and England, but it was larger than I expected. However, the University provided many support systems that allowed me to get comfortable here at Brackenhurst. My tutor was very supportive and guided me to the support I needed.

“Outside of my studies I belong to the Endangered Species Society, which does a range of activities including fundraisers, informative talks and trips including to zoos. There are many more wildlife related societies at Brackenhurst. These societies are a great community to join with people who have similar interests. They help boost your CV and allow you to gain friends you may not have interacted with before.

“When I graduate I intend to work with the government in regards to wildlife sectors. This course has provided me with an extensive knowledge of this career path and I feel very lucky to have chosen this course. NTU also has a range of connections that are always at our fingertips.”

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