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hannah loofe student


United Kingdom
I have always had an interest in food but could not pinpoint the certain area I wanted to focus on. However, with the way the course is taught, it allows me to make that decision after studying a wide variety of different elements in depth.

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First and foremost, NTU is a very well-respected university nationwide, making it the ideal place for me to continue my studies. It is well recognised by a number of well-established companies, which is perfect for when I will be searching for a job after graduating. In terms of the course itself, it covers a wide range of different ideas as it is not directed at one specific area within the food industry. I have always had an interest in food but could not pinpoint the certain area I wanted to focus on. However, with the way the course is taught, it allows me to make that decision after studying a wide variety of different elements in depth.

Furthermore, there is only a small group of people on my course, making it easier to interact in lectures and with fellow peers. This has allowed me to develop close relationships with the people on my course. These skills will definitely benefit me after graduation, where building relationships is fundamental in working life.

Finally, the practical element of the course is very enjoyable. The modules are very hands on, with various different experimental studies of different methods.

My personal most enjoyable module came in second year, where we studied consumer nutrition and health. With third year just around the corner, I have seriously began considering the area of food I would like to go into after graduating. This module helped me to conclude wanting to go into nutrition. We delved into more depth about what nutrition is and the science behind it, and it gave me the confidence to believe I can have a future in that field of study.

In addition, I also had a keen interest in the first-year module of product development. This is because it gave me the opportunity to be creative and innovative, which is something I very much enjoy. This was particularly evident in our ‘apple project’, where we had to produce a unique product involving apples, which we then presented in front of an industry professional.

In sixth form, I studied Food Technology A level, as well as Business Studies BTEC and Applied Science BTEC. It was here, during my Food Technology Studies, alongside my Applied Science BTEC, where I realised my passion for the science behind food and my desire to learn more about a potential career in the field. After completing years 12 and 13, I was successfully accepted into NTU with a conditional offer to study Food Science and Technology.

We have been on a number of field trips on our course. We have seen the contrast between smaller scale food production at Gadsby’s Bakery in Southwell, and a larger mass scale production at the Premier Food Factory. Furthermore, we have also been to Starkey’s Fruit Farm and Thaymar Ice Creams. It was at Thaymar Ice Creams where we learnt about different processes of food, after seeing the making of ice cream from milking the cow to extract the milk, to the final product. We also attended an IFST Conference, where we were introduced to a number of employers within the food industry, which benefitted us in terms of gaining contacts and building relationships.

Brackenhurst Campus has an abundance of facilities for us to use such as the library, and personally for the food students they have access to the food processing lab as well as the microbiology and chemistry labs. Brackenhurst Campus is extremely modern, with newly built developments and facilities, making us eager to come here to learn and take advantage of what is provided for us to further our studies. It also has a café to have drinks, as well as the ‘Brack Bar’, which is ideal for the social aspect of university life.

For the industry people on this course would want to go into, being hands on is key as it is a very practical based course. For the duration, when we are taught different elements of the theory, this is always followed up with a practical element in order to cement our understanding of what is being taught to us.

At NTU, students are well equipped for working life with key skills and knowledge that are fundamental for future success. This has been highlighted by NTU recently winning the ‘University of The Year Award’ in 2019.

After firstly graduating from NTU, my ambition is to go into the nutrition sector. From all the knowledge and skills I have gained from my time at NTU, I feel this puts me in a good position to pursue this career goal and develop my knowledge further in this field.

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