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Jannah Aboelghar
"There are so many opportunities here to get hands-on experience during your degree, so you are prepared to join the workforce when you graduate"

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Why did you decide to come to NTU?

I wanted to do my undergraduate degree in Ecology and Conservation and there were not many universities that offered this course. I got accepted into a few of them and ultimately, I decided to come to NTU because the curriculum was very engaging with a lot of hands-on experience, which was very attractive to me. I also did some research and talked to a few people who lived in Nottingham, and they confirmed that it was a student-friendly city, very safe and diverse.

What was it like doing a foundation year at NTIC?

Looking back, I can say my experience at NTIC was the most fun year I have had! The sense of community was great, and it was very diverse and inclusive. The NTIC team made it very easy for me to feel part of the community, I still keep in touch with my NTIC friends.

How did you find the transition from NTIC to NTU? Did you feel supported throughout?

Being part of NTIC made my transition to university much easier. If I had come directly from home to NTU I think I would have felt overwhelmed. NTIC made my transition to university smooth, they provided great support, and the team was very approachable and helpful during my transition to NTU.

What was your first impression of NTU and Nottingham?

I remember seeing the Boots Library on the city campus for the first time and it felt like a sub-real experience. I was filming a campus tour for my parents on my phone, and I remember being so excited. I love how welcoming everyone was during fresher’s week. Everyone here is so friendly and accepting.

How does studying in the UK differ from your home country?

Studying in the UK is such a great opportunity. Here we are encouraged to get involved in your field and do extracurricular activities. It’s a very rich and well-rounded experience. You are in control of your faith and where your career can take you, rather than being limited to just lectures. There are so many opportunities here to get hands-on experience during your degree, so you are prepared to join the workforce when you graduate.

Have you joined any societies or clubs while at NTU? 

I’m a member of the Egyptian Society, the Islamic and Arabic Society, and the Sustainability Society. I get to meet a lot of people and join fun activities; I recently went on a trip with the Sustainability Society to watch seals, which was really fun.

What’s it like making new friends/acquaintances at NTU? Do you feel part of the international community?

I work as an international student ambassador and during my calls with international students, I always say that Nottingham is such an international city. It’s accommodating to so many cultures and people from different backgrounds. The university’s Global Lounge organizes a lot of events for international students to get together and meet each other, so it’s easy to adapt and feel part of the NTU community.

What do you like the most while studying at NTU and why?

I love the outdoor teaching sessions we have in my course; I get to travel a lot and be outside. I have had the opportunity to visit a lot of places in the UK thanks to my course and that’s one of the things I enjoy so much about it. The type of teaching we have is very independent, you learn to be more independent and learn tools to help you thrive within your field.

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