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Niamh Dunne-Mason


United Kingdom
I came as an older student but felt comfortable studying here. It's a very friendly university which encourages diversity so it's never been easier to be yourself.

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After coming to an open day and walking around the campus I just knew it was the perfect place to study. The campus is beautiful, the facilities are second to none and the opportunities you get during the course are really exciting, such as lambing.

Animal Management combines practical and theoretical modules to give you the best knowledge possible in order to progress into the animal and land based job sector. We study 4 days a week and there is a lot of self-directed learning but the course is very engaging, there's always work to do. Animal Handling and Animal Nutrition were my favourite modules. I got to learn about and handle so many new animals in a very flexible environment.

I did quite a few placements. I worked at White Post Farm, Cats Protection, a couple of vet practices and even did Falconry. I enjoyed all of them because they are so different and really gave me an insight into what career options you have when you complete the course. I qualified for a university bursary which really helped to fund my course by paying for things like educational trips.

The course tutors were so helpful and inspiring. The tutors want to be there and want you to do well so you're always met with encouragement. They really do want the best for you and will tailor the lecture to your needs.

Brackenhurst is very chilled out. You mingle with degree students and no one judges one another. It's a very friendly university so you don't need to worry about fitting in or making friends. I am a part of the Disney Society! We meet every week and play games and watch films together. It's very cool. I'm also the course representative and I'm a student ambassador.

I hope to become an exotic animal Vet. The course is really what you make of it. Every module you do, whether it's fundamentals of science or animal accommodation, is totally transferable to other jobs. You actually do a project researching career options and the possibilities are endless.

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