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My advice would be to take on every opportunity and even when it seems challenging, always have the hope that you will get there and I promise you that you will end up shocking yourself with your abilities.

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Phillip's experience on the Geography course.
Phillip shares his experience during his time at Brackenhurst and on the Geography course.
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"You don’t tend to find many university campuses quite like this one. The rural aspect of Brackenhurst Campus immediately attracted my attention as it was very similar to where I grew up, making the transition to university a smoother process. The campus is perfect for my course as it acts as an outdoor classroom to take part in practical activities such as using GPS in the field as well as the typical lecture structure!"

"The course offers slightly more focus on physical geography which has always been my primary interest but there is still plenty of human geography as both these environments fundamentally interact. The close-knit community of this campus certainly makes it feel very homely and unique place to be proud of."

"The course comprises of a range of modules including “Living with Climate change” and “Skills For Geographers” which offers you the chance to explore your interests and start to think about where you want to take your career. Throughout my degree, the fieldtrips, which have been offered, have been some of my highlights as it allows you to apply what you have learnt in a lecture into real life scenarios."

"My first year was to South East Spain, which gave me the opportunity to go abroad for the first time, and the associated fieldwork allowed the cohort to bond more easily from the beginning. From the fieldwork, I have developed research skills which I never thought I would be able to do so the range of practical aspects offered by the course certainly raises your confidence as you realise that you have more potential than you think. The fieldtrips themselves will be memories I will cherish forever!"

"The lecturers are always so helpful - they go out of their way to make sure that all students are engaged with each module by transferring their individual passions into their work. My personal tutor is always just an email away and is willing to offer support, whether that be personal concerns or general concerns regarding workload, etc. Student support services at NTU also offer mental health support who are brilliant and will listen to any concerns or worries you may have."

"The facilities at Brackenhurst Campus provide a range of environments to socialise and study, which have enhanced my course experience. Specifically, the new Lyth building consists of a geospatial room that is amazing for carrying out work related to Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing whilst the new study spaces provides extra space when the campus is busier so you can study with your mates! I would say that the facility I use the most is the Library where there are many books to help you with your assignments and plenty of workshops available to improve skills such as referencing and essay writing."

"One of the most valuable things I have learned during my course is the development of critical skills where I used to struggle to think critically about certain topics but now, I feel as though I have significantly improved. This degree will certainly help you to develop this and critical thinking will be desired by many employers as you graduate!"

"My advice would be to take on every opportunity and even when it seems challenging, always have the hope that you will get there and I promise you that you will end up shocking yourself with your abilities."

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