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Sitovie Bertin


Sierra Leone
I love the Brackenhurst Campus environment - it’s very serene as a result of it being outside the buzzing city of Nottingham.

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“I’m currently in my second year of Environmental Science and I can say the course is very broad. The main focus is the environment in its entirety, but it has a variety of different subjects intertwined, which makes it very wholesome as it broadens my knowledge on these different areas. Currently, I enjoy the Sustainability module, which focuses on sustainable development goals and pathways, because it’s most in line with what I want to pursue in future. It also enables me to learn and criticise these goals, how they are being achieved and what better ways they could be carried out.”

“I studied Business, Information Technology and Physics at A-levels and gained access to NTU through clearing because I missed a few grades. The clearing process was very smooth and quick as the admissions team was very effective with communication, providing me with what I needed to begin my academic journey at NTU.”

“My course tutors are the very best. They are very interactive and responsive and do their best to be of assistance if any issue may occur. They have created a very approaching demeanour so a comfortable relationship can be established, which makes it easier for me as a student to make them my first point of contact for any query with ease.”

“I love the Brackenhurst Campus environment - it’s very serene as a result of it being outside the buzzing city of Nottingham. The library, the newly built geospatial IT rooms and the labs are essential for my course, as they provide additional source of information and practical development of what is being taught in lectures.”

“I would highly recommend this course if you want to become an environmental scientist, environmental consultant or go into any career path with relations to the environment. The course is loaded with information which can be easily taken for granted, hence, to get the best results, you must be prepared to put in hard work and be disciplined.”

“I’d like to become a Sustainability Consultant after graduating. I am passionate about putting appropriate modalities in place to uphold the environment and promote sustainable development. Especially in West Africa, my homeland, which lacks people with the expertise to put these measures in place effectively.”

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