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Meghan Geraghty, Product Design


United Kingdom
We have loads of live briefs with different companies. My favourite so far was in first year. We worked with a well-known storage company and my product was shortlisted in the top 10. It gave me an insight to what industry was like.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?

Both the reputation and the fact that the Open Day lecturer was welcoming and intriguing. It made me feel as though the lecturers were passionate, which was important compared to the other universities that I visited.

Have you been involved in any live projects or exciting briefs?

We have loads of live briefs with different companies, my favourite so far was in first year. We worked with a well-known storage company and my product was shortlisted in the top 10. It gave me an insight to what industry was like. Any live brief with a company is amazing because you not only get the chance to work with real companies, but I feel that it gives us a better understanding of the design process. NTU is very lucky with its company connections too!

Have you had any speakers or lecturers from industry visiting as part of your course?

We have a weekly lecture with current designers, ranging from freshly graduated designers, to freelancers and designers that work with big brands. They give us insight of what happens after university and give important advice. There are also opportunities to talk with them and get a deeper insight, which is good for finding placements.

Tell us about what you have been doing during your placement year.

This placement year has been challenging to say the least, Covid-19 really impacted my placement year. This led to me and two others joining The Hive at NTU. Before Covid-19 I would have never seen myself starting a business. Mosu is a lifestyle brand and design consultancy, we have been slowly building up the business and so far, so good!

I can definitely say I am so glad we started mosu. The skills I have developed from marketing with social media to photography has really opened my eyes!

How has what you’ve learnt on your course so far helped with setting up the business?

My course has really helped me in terms of making sure all my boxes are ticked, taking the time to research and build the brand has been crucial. A lot of skills I have now are from building mosu but what I had learnt the past two years at NTU has truly helped. I can say without the support of our lecturers it would be a different experience, although we have been on placement they have helped us where they can.

What has been your favourite thing about setting up your own business?

Setting up mosu has had so many ups and downs but to be able to have something out there that’s my own is so fulfilling. Seeing our branding around Nottingham and hearing about how people have heard of us is truly amazing!

Why would you recommend NTU?

NTU has helped me so much. I gained so many skills and I now design in a more professional way compared to my A Levels. It’s so easy to talk to lecturers and create bonds, they are so welcoming and willing to help. NTU is amazing for being part of a community and making friends. There is so much respect and it's so welcoming. It truly allows you to be who you want to be with no judgement.

Sum it up for us, what do like most about your course?

I love the environment, everyone is always there to help you! If you ever want to learn something new, lecturers or technicians are always willing to put in the time and effort to help if you are. You get back the effort you put in.

What do you think of the facilities available to you at the University?

Our studio is so open and creative. The university is perfect, especially because it is based in the city. Everything is within reach and the university campus offers so much, from food to study areas and shops.

What do you hope to achieve after completing your degree?

I hope to become a professional and confident designer!

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