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I really love the fact we are getting exposed to all aspects of the communication and promotion industry. The course is very much about you and your ideas.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?
“NTU really clicked with me when I came to visit for an open day. I loved the fact NTU is in the heart of the city and there was just a great buzz around the campus. I knew that the courses I was looking at had really high reputations with great industry links.”

What do you enjoy most about studying Fashion Communication and Promotion?
“Coming from a graphics and photography background I was initially quite apprehensive about doing a fashion course. When I stumbled upon this course I realised that it encapsulates everything you could think of in the industry that doesn’t include designing and making.

“I really love the fact we are getting exposed to all aspects of the communication and promotion industry. The course is very much about you and your ideas.”

What have you enjoyed working on most so far?
“I’ve enjoyed working on the execution stage of our first term. We were given an editorial from the Vogue archive, this is an amazing facility which includes all the issues of Vogue dating to very early editions. We had to unpick what the concept behind that editorial was and create three images. I loved it because it was photography based and it got super creative which was really fun.”

How do you find the facilities?
“The Barnes Wallis building is a brand new space dedicated to Fashion Management Marketing and Communication students. It includes a full Mac Suite which is great and there are always loads of students working in there so it’s a nice creative environment.”

What have you enjoyed most about moving to Nottingham?
“Nottingham has a great creative atmosphere. There are so many creative courses to study here and it’s really nice being in a creative community with so many other students. I love the city and the University so I’m very much looking forward to the next two years here!”

Have you joined any societies and if so, why would you recommend joining a society to other students?
“I’d 100% recommend joining societies, I have joined the fashion society and netball. It is a great way to meet new people that aren't from your course or who you live with. It’s also nice just being able to get out. There are so many societies, so there will definitely be something you're interested in.”

Can you tell us a little bit about the optional study trip to New York?
“It was phenomenal to have the opportunity to go to New York, especially in my first year. The whole week was so much fun and with New York being one of the greatest fashion capitals in the world, there was so much to see and do. Our itinerary included a tour of the Garment District where we met designer Imani Alexander, she showed us around and took us to meet some amazing people in the industry.

“From a course perspective, the trip allowed me to be very in the moment with what is currently going on in the fashion world and allowed me to conduct research for my current project. I visited Dover Street Market on the day the S/S 17 collections launched, so it was really cool to see what had been brought out. There is also an amazing selection of museums and exhibitions to go to which I personally loved.”

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