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Annika Schlemann


I think the course develops my analytical and logical thinking, which will add to my creative skills and help me work successfully as a brand or design manager.

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"After studying fashion design and getting an insight in the industry, I realised that I wanted to gain more knowledge in terms of management in order to have a bigger, more strategic view. I think the course develops my analytical and logic thinking, which will add to my creative skills in order to work successfully as a brand or design manager.

"This Masters course offered at Nottingham Trent University is not widely available. The plus of an international experience furthermore convinced me. It is great to have a mixture of management, marketing as well as creative skills.

"The course consists a lot of project work, which is what we will do in the industry as well. I think that is great preparation and helps us to develop time management skills. The broad spectrum of classes and international cohort enriches the overall experience.

"It is very helpful that the staff have relevant industry experience and know what will be asked of us after graduation. Especially for the thesis it is great to have specialist support for my research area.

"My Masters thesis will focus on a sustainable business model for fashion brands. I was interested in why the fashion industry, which is such an innovative sector, doesn’t implement more sustainable strategies on a big scale. Especially in a premium segment, where customers look for great quality and design but don`t always consider if the process of making the garment was beautiful.

"Besides the colourful city life, with many small interesting shops around Lace Market and restaurants to explore, Nottingham also offers great recreation areas. Going for a walk in Wollaton park and the areas around Nottingham always gives a fresh mind and energy for creative projects.

"The experience of postgraduate study is developing my team working skills and specific subject knowledge. It's improving my language skills and the ability to see the industry in a global context. All of this and personal growth are benefits for my career opportunities, enabling me to contribute to an exciting industry."

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