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Having the opportunity to visit New York on a study trip was definitely one of the highlights of my first year at NTU!

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What made you choose to study at NTU?
“I was told by tutors that NTU had a great reputation, especially for the type of course I wanted to do.  After visiting the University and surrounding area on an open day I got a really positive feeling and knew it was the right place for me!”

What have you enjoyed about the course so far?
“I have really enjoyed the combination of being creative but also strategic and business minded throughout all our projects.  I now understand why it is so relevant to be able to apply both these elements in any sort of job role in the fashion industry. I also really enjoy learning how to use and produce work in programmes such as Photoshop and InDesign as they allow us to produce reports that are very visual and professional.”

Has the course included any guest speakers?
“A Fashion Marketing and Branding alumna recently visited and spoke to us about the company she works for – Grey Advertising London. This was really eye-opening as I had never considered advertising as a career path, however after attending this lecture this is definitely something I may consider.”

Has the course included any live projects?
“We are currently completing a live project with Next about digital user experience. This has been really interesting to learn about as this area is becoming increasingly important for brands to understand.”

How do you find the facilities?
“I really love the design and feel of the new Barnes Wallis building, which is a dedicated space purely for Fashion Management, Marketing and Communication courses. It’s really great as we regularly work in groups so it is really helpful to have our own space to use.”

What was the highlight of your first year?
“Having the opportunity to visit New York on a study trip was definitely one of the highlights of my first year at NTU! It was amazing to be able to see one of the fashion capitals of the world and carry out relevant research for our most recent project at the time.”

Has the course provided any work experience opportunities?
“During Year Two we have the option to complete a ten week work placement, which the course has helped me to achieve. I will be working in the marketing team for the luxury fashion brand L.K. Bennett, in their London head office.”

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