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Lucy Turner - MA Fashion and Textile Design student at Nottingham Trent University.


United Kingdom
The resources available at NTU are one of the reasons I chose to study here. There is a great studio environment and the workshops the technicians run are phenomenal.

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What were your motivations for studying a postgraduate degree?
“My decision to study for a Masters degree was driven by career progression. Postgraduate level qualifications are almost always required for teaching roles and progressing within academia. I already worked within higher education but I wanted to progress further and thought it would be a great opportunity to develop my research profile.”

Why did you choose to study at NTU?
“I completed a BA (Hons) Knitwear Design degree (Now known as BA (Hons) Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles) at NTU so I already had some experience of the University, and the institution I currently work in didn’t offer a programme suited to my interests. Although I don't live in Nottingham I was willing to travel to achieve my goals. I wanted the financial investment to be meaningful so I was prepared to do whatever it takes.”

Could you tell us a little about your experiences before coming to NTU?
"I’ve had a mixture of industry and teaching experience. When I first graduated from NTU I worked for Arcadia as a Design Room Graduate before moving into a freelance knitwear designer role. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to New York on sales trips and to Florence and Paris for trade shows. I found my niche when I began teaching a foundation art and design diploma and soon became the course leader. After seven years I was promoted to Head of Quality Assurance and Validations at Oxford Brookes University. It was a big move away from the creative side of things but by doing my MA at NTU I am still able to fulfil my creative passions."

Have you had any guest lecturers from industry professionals?
"There are speakers almost every week which is a crucial addition to the NTU offering. Their knowledge and experience provides you with a broader perspective of your subject and a better insight into how your career can progress and expand into new territories. It’s also a great opportunity to network and gain invaluable critique of your work."

How do you find the facilities available to you?
"The resources available at the University are one of the reasons I chose to study here. There is a great studio environment and the workshops the technicians run are phenomenal. I have had the opportunity to work in the knit room, the dye lab and the 3D casting area.

"I’ve also been really impressed by the employability team. They’re incredible supportive. I can see why NTU has won the Best New University award and Gold TEF."

How have you found the staff on your course?

"The lecturers and course leaders are fantastic. They treat you as a professional equal and are happy to provide you with as much support as you need. They encourage you to work outside of your comfort zone and offer invaluable critique to help push your ideas forward. They foster a culture of innovation, professionalism, respect and inspire principles of ethics and sustainability."

What advice would you give to a prospective student thinking about studying MA Fashion and Textile Design?
"Allow yourself the opportunity to develop your practice and achieve your career aspirations, you won't regret it! It’s an invaluable opportunity to learn new processes and explore innovative ideas in a supportive and friendly environment."

Where do you hope to be in five years?
"I hope to be working within the HE sector at a senior level within creative subjects. I hope that my research profile will have expanded and I will have a reputation for working within multidisciplinary groups of highly respected professionals bringing together diverse subject areas through creative outcomes."

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