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Confidence is crucial as a motivational tool to push yourself. I have changed dramatically through my journey at NTU and I’m now on a path which was once only a dream.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?
“NTU has a strong profile in the UK. I had wanted to study at MA level for a few years and once I moved back to Nottingham, I applied straight away.”

How do you find the course staff?
“I find that the course staff are a wealth of knowledge for advice, suggestions, opportunities and support. As a self-directed course they have guided and advised me which has accelerated the progress of my personal project.”

What do you enjoy most about your course?
“The most enjoyable aspect of the course are the people - I have been lucky with who has joined the course this year. The students have been great fun and we have a close-knit group who encourage and support each other. Although we all have commitments outside of the University, we meet regularly to discuss individual progress and keep an eye out for events and exhibitions that would interest each other.”

What do you think about the facilities on offer to you?
“The facilities on offer at NTU are exceptional. For the MA courses we were able to start before the BA students arrived which meant we were able to familiarise ourselves with the spaces and equipment, and had the technical staff’s full attention.”

Can you tell us about your project?
“The body of work in my project represents an ongoing discovery of personal identity using Photographic Therapy, pioneered by the late Jo Spence. I’m intrigued by the psychology of how identity is formed in the early years and have taken my camera back to my family home.

I have used the space I grew up in to reflect on memories and uncover repressed feelings. With each visit, the grip the space has over me becomes weaker and my individual identity stronger. Delving deeper into my childhood has uncovered the answers for my lack of identity in the patriarchy, trauma and repression of my youth.

This continuing body of work represents my progress to date. My motivation for sharing this deeply personal journey is to promote the benefits of Photographic Therapy as a tool for mental and physical recovery from trauma.”

Why would you recommend your course to others?
“For anyone wishing to study a Masters and who has a passion for their work, the course can provide a huge boost in confidence and knowledge specific to their practice. The networking opportunities were something that I hadn’t considered but have helped me no end.”

How did you find the experience of entering and winning a WEX award?
“I'd had the pleasure of meeting Phil Smith the Wex Education Manager at the opening Private View of Free Range 2017, and we discussed the background of my work in detail. Leading up to the event I had no knowledge that there would be a prize awarded, and I was genuinely shocked at the announcement that I was the MA Wex Photographic winner.

I feel honoured that my work had impressed the judges without me having to change its presentation to fit certain criteria. Winning the award will not only mean that I can acquire additional equipment I need for my practice, but I also hope to use the opportunity to network. Wex are a fantastic company with excellent customer relations, and, their knowledge will guide me in the choice of kit that best suits my needs.”

How do you think your postgraduate course will help your career?
“I felt I lacked the up to date knowledge of software, practices and legalities – such as copyright before starting the course. Through this course, I’ve learnt where to go for particular advice, how to market myself and everything involved in hosting an exhibition. I hope to progress as a fine art photographer and my project is something which will continue to evolve now that I have solid foundations in place, and, have been educated in the theory and history of my specialist area. Confidence is crucial as a motivational tool to push yourself. I have changed dramatically through my journey at NTU and I’m now on a path which was once only a dream.”

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