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Fashion Design Student Lam Yung Nok

Yung Nok (Jenny)

Hong Kong
I really enjoyed my exchange to Australia - I met lots of new people and enhanced my understanding of diversity within the fashion industry. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience which has broadened my horizons.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?
“I chose to study at NTU because it has such good reputation in Art and Design courses, and the University provides good facilities and industry connections.”

What do you enjoy most about your course?
“Studying fashion design at NTU allows me to communicate with people from different cities and countries. I am always keen to learn about different cultures and places. Our project outcomes often represent where we come from, or our own experiences. By working with different people, I became more open-minded.”

Has the course included any live projects that you really enjoyed?
“Yes, we had a live project with ASOS in my second year. It was really tough at the beginning, as we had to discuss and share ideas and work as a group. As an international student, it took a bit of time to get along with my groupmates and share my opinions. However, this whole experience really improved my communication skills as well as my teamwork skills. It reflected how industries work, and taught me how to work with people of different strengths and abilities. We helped each other finish our collection and achieve the same goal, and we were happy with our end result.”

Has the course included any speakers from industry?
“We had a six-hour workshop with Japanese designer Shingo Sato. I enjoyed it a lot as I learnt so much about draping skills and different approaches to design.”

How do you find the course staff?
“I received so much support from my tutors and technicians in my three years of studying here. They are always helpful and patient when offering advice or technical support. When I was doing my final year dissertation, my tutor Vanessa offered me so much support, from drafting my ideas to the final outcome. She gave me suggestions and really guided my research to reach my goals.”

How do you find the art and design facilities?
“NTU provides really good facilities which allows us to transfer our 2D ideas into 3D – like the industrial sewing machines or screenprinting facilities.”

Jenny Lam - Australia exchange
Jenny exploring Australia

Can you tell us a little bit about your exchange to Australia?  
“I studied Fashion Printing and Fashion Knitwear at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in Australia for four months. I was really glad I picked something different from what I study at NTU, as it definitely improved my skill set.

“Overall, I really enjoyed my exchange to Australia - I met lots of new people and enhanced my understanding of diversity within the fashion industry. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience which has broadened my horizons. I also received a travel scholarship from NTU, which helped financially.”

How was your social life during the exchange?
“I met many other exchange students, and we travelled and explored Melbourne together during weekends and in our spare time. I also met people in the common room of my accommodation. We often studied and went for dinner together. I really appreciated the chance to get to know people from different places.

“The highlight of my time in Australia was when I went to Tasmania during Easter with friends. My experience exploring nature and visiting the tropical forests there inspired my final year project. I was so impressed with the place.”

How did you find the exchange programme application process?
“We were informed about the exchange programme via a number of talks and we then had the opportunity to apply. There were only a few spaces available at each school. We had to submit a portfolio and I was lucky enough to receive an offer.”

How easy was it to organise accommodation for your trip?
“Another student who had just returned from an exchange trip to Japan stayed in my flat in Nottingham, which was really helpful for the both of us. Finding somewhere to stay in Australia was pretty straightforward as I was able to book student accommodation via the RMIT website or rent short-term accommodation in a shared house.”

What was the most valuable lesson you learnt whilst on your exchange?
“I learnt not to be scared and to open yourself up to new things and people, seizing every single opportunity to experience more. It was not easy, especially for me as an international student, to settle down somewhere I’d never been before, with a different native language. Talking to people around you is always the best way to solve problems. Also, enjoying yourself on exchange is the most important thing, as it is a really unique experience that others might not have.”

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