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NTU student Leah Davis


United Kingdom
Since learning about the D&AD New Blood Awards, I have always said that I would love to have one, but never in a million years did I think I would win!

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What do you like the most about studying BA (Hons) Graphic Design?
“The freedom to design whatever I want!”

How does it feel to have won a D&AD New Blood Award?
“Since learning about the D&AD awards I have always said that I would love to have one, but never in a million years did I think I would win! Having won feels surreal and having my work awarded makes leaving university a little less daunting.

“The brief was to give an old game a 21st century makeover, with a fresh twist for today’s young adults. I created a party game for 16- 26 year olds called 'In Your Face!’. I adapted the game Toad in the Hole, which is a pub game primarily played in East Sussex, involving throwing a brass coin into a hole in the middle of a table. I adjusted the throwing element of the game and created a modern, fun trivia game that also involves an element of skill. It’s lively and competitive, and is sure to break the ice at any party!”

Have you been involved in any live projects as part of your course?
"We were set a really interesting project by Parke Studio based in London. We were asked to select an everyday object from a set list and create a strong brand identity and toolkit that could be applied to relevant collateral. The list included toilet roll, a paper bag, bricks, a light bulb, and a plastic cup. After negotiating with Parke, I chose an object that wasn’t on their initial list - paper straws. With a plastic straw ban being considered, I felt it was a relevant topic and I couldn’t think of a prominent brand associated with the product. The outcome was a paper straw brand targeted at students."

What do you think about the staff on your course?
“The tutors are really supportive, and the technical staff are incredibly helpful and will always make time for you.”

What do you think of the facilities available to you?
“The space in the Waverley building is great. There is always a Mac available to use, and everything you need is right on your doorstep, including the Bonington art shop.”

What advice would you give to a prospective student thinking about studying Graphic Design at NTU?
“Have as much fun as you can in your first two years and take the time to do lots of experimentation. In your third year really go for it and create a portfolio that you can be proud of!”

To check out Leah's party game In Your Face!, click here.

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