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Reece Straw


United Kingdom
Nottingham is one of the most creative cities in the UK which makes it such an interesting place to live as there is always something going on.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?
"As I already live in Nottingham I am lucky to have one of the top universities for Fine Art in my local area, so that was my main reason behind coming to NTU. However, I would have happily moved to Nottingham to attend the University if I lived further away.

"When I visited the open day I loved the open studio spaces and the wide array of technology and workshops available. The course had a very professional feel about it."

What do you enjoy most about your course?
"I enjoy the freedom of working in whichever way suits your practice and the outward facing structure that prepares you for sustaining your art practice post-graduation."

Have you taken part in any collaborative projects or exhibitions that you can tell us about?
"I have exhibited work at Surface Gallery in Nottingham and participated in a VJ'ing event with the artist Joey Holder in another local gallery/studio space."

Has the course included any guest lectures?
"The live lecture programme hosts a guest artist every week, the lectures are diverse and insightful. Bedwyr Williams presented his body of work during one of these lectures which had a drastic impact on my art practice and influence on my thinking."

What do you like about studying in Nottingham?
"Nottingham is one of the most creative cities in the UK which makes it such an interesting place to live as there is always something going on."

Why would you recommend this course?
"I would recommend Fine Art because the structure of the course is constantly adapting and changing. You will never get the same lecture twice as opposed to other Fine Art courses in the country that haven't changed their syllabus for years, meaning if you study at NTU you are already ahead of the game. Also, the connections that the course has with the city provides constant opportunities to display your work and acquire experience in your chosen field".

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for this course?
"You must see as many exhibitions as possible, even if it's not your preferred medium or style. It is essential that you are constantly feeding your inspiration. You must be highly motivated to create work and peruse your ideas. Don't be too precious over work produced, take university as a period to experiment."

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