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Sophie Marrow


United Kingdom
I couldn’t see myself studying anything else other than Fashion Marketing and Branding with the best of both worlds with creative and strategic thinking.

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Why did you choose NTU and your course?

"So cliché but I ultimately fell in love with NTU when I first visited, only applying here and to one other university it was fairly inevitable I was going to go to Trent. Being so close to the city centre, full of great societies to get involved in and the course that was something I was so passionate about, I put all my efforts into my application to study at NTU. I couldn’t see myself studying anything else other than Fashion Marketing and Branding with the best of both worlds with creative and strategic thinking, it was an opportunity to grow my knowledge of business to the fashion and lifestyle sector."

What is your favourite thing about Fashion Marketing and Branding?

"The opportunities on FMB are definitely a highlight for me being able to get involved with live projects in second year allowed me to work both individually and collaborate with a group. Creating work for a client and presenting it back to the brand is something I would like to pursue in future agency work. Therefore, my success in creating a three-year strategy and one-year communication plan for Ben Sherman was rewarding being shortlisted to present my ideas back to the brand."

Have you completed any live projects or briefs on your course?

"In second year, I worked on two live briefs. The first one was an individual project to produce a three-year strategy and one-year communication plan with a few assignments I was successful in having the opportunity to present my ideas back to Ben Sherman and receive valuable feedback on the uniqueness of my ideas and the ability to acquire new customers and retain others. I also worked with Boots on a brief for an innovative product for Sleek Makeup to launch in the competitive mass market. This was a group project that lead to us being shortlisted to showcase our innovation we created after gathering our insights."

How have you found the course facilities and course staff?

"The facilities at NTU have enabled me to always find a space to work whether that be collaborating with peers socially or silently working individually on assignments. With Barnes Wallis, Boots Library and the SU café being places I enjoy to work in there is definitely places to facilities anyone’s needs. Barnes Wallis is a great location for FMB students as has numerous amounts of apple mac computers with all the adobe software for your needs."

"On FMB the course staff have always been happy to help, being friendly and approachable people it has allowed me to have good relationships with the tutors. It is nice to have such encouraging members of staff that open up opportunities to the cohort with emails for internships, working on live projects and creating connections through LinkedIn"

What do you think about living and studying in Nottingham?

"Nottingham has something for everyone. Hockley and Lace Market have a diverse range of vintage stores and smaller independent places. There are lots of lovely bars and restaurants also around Hockley and Lace Market area. I definitely recommend going to different places as much as possible because three years isn't long enough to try them all!"

If you could give new students some advice what would it be?

"Say yes to everything when you start because there’s so many people to meet and connections it will help grow your social circle. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, being in a new city can be daunting but there’s thousands of other students probably thinking the same as you.  Don’t always study in your bedroom. It might be the easiest place to roll out of bed to your desk but try having your room as a relaxing space so go into uni and find somewhere to do your work, might be the library, Newton or the SU."

What is next for you after NTU?

"The goal is to work within a creative agency in an account management role to communicate between the client and producers of marketing. However, I am highly open to opportunities within the fashion and lifestyle sector as I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge that I am ready to apply."

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