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NTU MA Fine Art student Szilvia Ponyiczki


Having the chance to try out lots of different ideas in the workshops is great. It enables me to complement my painting practice with ceramic, wood, and metalwork too.

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What are your motivations for studying a postgraduate degree?
“Creating art has always been part of my life. After moving to the UK and having two children, I finally had the chance to take it seriously and give myself the time to fully concentrate on it.”

Did you have an undergraduate degree before beginning your postgraduate studies?
“The Hungarian education system is very different to the UK. After grammar school, you can go straight to university, which takes five years to complete. I have two degrees, both obtained in Hungary: one in architecture (MSc) and one in business administration (MBA). In Hungary, I worked as an architect and interior designer for 15 years.”

What made you choose to study MFA Fine Art at NTU?
“I live in Grantham; therefore I had the opportunity to study in either Nottingham or Lincoln. After comparing both MFA courses, I decided that NTU was a better fit for me. The course here is more outward facing, helping you to build art-related connections outside of the University - this was really important to me.”

Can you tell us about the award that you have recently won in Hungry?
"I won the award of the 10th Grotesque Triennial. It’s awarded by the Hungarian Art Academy's Fine Art College, the equivalent to the Royal Academy of Arts in the UK.

“For the last couple of years I have been working hard on the topic of the unconscious in relation to art; delving into the symbolism, messages and representation of dreams. Winning the award is a great acknowledgement of my art practice, proving that it is worthwhile to work on the subject further. My painting ‘Hypnagogic Creature’ and sculpture ‘Breaking Down’ were inspired by a powerful dream; both portraying a walking carcass of a dog-like creature.

“I created Hypnagogic Creature using acrylic and charcoal on canvas, and included fragments of a poem to illustrate the fact that dreams can only be partially evoked, whereas Breaking Down is a welded junk metal sculpture. The feelings invoked by my work lead the audience to scrutinize their lives and struggles, to look within, and to discover their own truth, identity, and meaning.”

Has your course included any trips?
“We had the opportunity to go to Copenhagen however I chose not to go as I had visited the city on my own before. I have however been on trips to London and Birmingham with our tutors. Both study trips were very useful in widening my knowledge of the art world's mechanisms.”

Have you had any speakers or lecturers from industry visit as part of your course?
“All fine art students at NTU have the chance to join the weekly seminars, where most of the time well known speakers from different segments of the art world present their practice. It is certainly worthwhile attending these seminars.”

What do you enjoy most about your course?
“I like that there are always unexpected events which have an impact on my work and progress. For example, whilst listening to a seminar I may uncover a new approach that I could implement into my own practice. This can take my work in a new direction, help me reach conclusions, or have an insight I would not have reached on my own."

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