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Taruni Goyal


I have an opportunity to take part in a fashion show for young designers in London!

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"I come from India and before coming to study here at NTU, I was working in the fashion industry for two-and-a-half years following my graduation from an undergraduate degree in Fashion Design. I came here to study MA Fashion Design to get experience in the industry and learn more about fashion from both an English and international perspective.

"I decided to study in the UK because it is a very diverse country and has a good fashion reputation worldwide. I have also talked to other students and NTU alumni and they all had really positive things to say about the University. I'm so happy I made NTU my final choice.

"My course has been really interesting so far. I really like all the lecturers, but I spend most of the time with my course leader and supervisor, they are all supportive and helpful. They make this whole experience more appealing and enjoyable. The best part of my course is yet to come; at the end of the year I have an opportunity to take part in a fashion show for young designers in London, followed by our own graduate student show here in Nottingham. I am so excited and that will be the right way to finish this amazing year.

"Nottingham is home to two big universities and the city is completely adapted to student life. It is easy to travel, almost all restaurants and bars have student discounts and there are many activities throughout the year designed to make this experience unforgettable.

"It was quite easy to meet people. I have met people in my apartment and they introduced me to their friends. I have also joined the Hindu Society which is an easy way to meet people with the same interests and backgrounds.

"Some advice I would offer to future students is to find out as much as you can before you arrive – you can join social media groups and look online to find out about the activities and events that are happening. Also, if you want to get some part-time work when you arrive then apply online for a National Insurance number in advance. The best advice I can offer though is to just get involved with as much as you can and really make the most of your time here. You won't regret it."

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