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Fikeoluwa Ojelabi


My course has helped improve my leadership and interpersonal skills which will be really helpful as I plan to start my own fashion-related business in the future.

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"Before coming to NTU I studied at Bridge House College in Lagos for a year. My course BA (Hons) Business has helped improve my leadership and interpersonal skills which will be really helpful as I plan to start my own fashion-related business in the future. This has mainly been through my favourite module on the course which is called Enterprise and Business Development. I've also been working and getting support from The Hive here at the University. They encourage and help students develop their own business ideas so that they can become a reality.

"All my tutors have been very helpful, especially my seminar tutor for Quantitative Methods, Mr Michael Hewitt. During his seminars we all work with computers and a program called ‘mini tab' and I love how practical and interactive it is.

"Compared to Nigeria I would say the biggest difference is the weather. In Nottingham the weather fluctuates quite a lot so you have to constantly check before going out. Another difference is the public transport which is very convenient. The bus ride to university takes about 10 minutes and it's very affordable. I also like that I can freely walk on the street, it's good exercise for me.

"What I love most about Nottingham is the shopping! I like how close the shopping centres are to the University and to where I live. I spend most of my time exploring the art galleries with my sister and friends. I enjoy going out to party or just to eat out as there are so many restaurants. I don't miss Nigerian food too much as some supermarkets in Nottingham like Tesco cater for Nigerians. There's also a small Afro-Carribean store with a variety of Nigerian food in the main shopping centre (Victoria Centre).

"It's very important to keep an open mind and don't give up if you don't succeed at first. I had trouble with the visa application with delays and then it was rejected but even when I thought I wasn't going to go to university this year I still hoped and I was open to changing my course from Graphic design to Business. I'm very happy with that decision now. With the help of one of my schools and the international team at NTU, the visa process was made much easier and I am very proud to say I made it to NTU with a scholarship.

"My advice for any student thinking of studying abroad is to come to NTU. It's very diverse and I believe anyone would enjoy their time here just as I am. There are a lot of opportunities and Nottingham has great nightlife which gives you a chance to make new friends. I would also advise hard work, keeping an open mind and also setting a timetable for yourself because there is a lot of course work to submit and there are a lot of distractions. Balance your social life and your studies."

Fike is one of our NTU Brand Ambassadors for Africa. Read more...

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