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Jack Kelly


United Kingdom
My lecturers have always been knowledgeable, understanding and on top of current changes. If a notable economic event occurs, I have always been able to go to my lecturers to discuss it and relate how the theories we are studying have played into what happened.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?  

“At the open day, my parents and I received lots of information and insight into the university and city from both students and staff alike. This really gave the sense of community that NTU creates within Nottingham. I believe the University brings both the students and wider community together. Another driving factor also being the credentials the university held. The pace at which NTU had been climbing the league tables showed their commitment to improvement and developing themselves.”

What do you enjoy most about your course?

“The diverse material, from complex mathematical models to simple theories. Everything within each module is related to itself, with many modules being related to each other. With a particular favourite module of mine being ‘Applied Economics’ which I studied during my second year. This module allowed us to take the theories we had been learned within other modules and applying them to real world events affecting us all now. We looked at how you can compare standards of living across borders and currencies to the wage gap. We covered many different topical issues which gave a new level of understanding and insight into the world around us.”

What do you think about the course staff. How do they support your learning and University experience?

“My lecturers have always been knowledgeable, understanding and on top of current changes. If a notable economic event occurs I have always been able to go to my lecturers to discuss it and relate how the theories we are studying have played into what happened. The seminar staff are always highly engaged in the material they are delivering. Whilst being here, if I’ve struggled to grasp a concept they will not give up. They will keep trying with the me until I understand it fully and can explain it back to them.”

What do you think about the facilities available to you?

“The facilities available to economics students really are second to none. We are provided with an online subscription to the Financial Times to allow us to keep up to date with the world around us. We are also provided with a subscription to Bloomberg, where on the finance course you spend time analysing stocks, bonds and countries. Within Bloomberg we have to option to complete the Bloomberg Market Concepts course free of charge. The Economists is available to us free of charge in the library. Not to mention the other software, such as E views, all included within our fee costs.”

Why would you recommend your course / NTU to someone looking to study in that area?

“The staff, facilities and content of my course are all exactly what I was looking for. The course content is not only relevant but also on the front line of new developments. The content allows both those with previous economics experience and without to develop their understanding and come out with the best grade possible. Overall, NTU is a very friendly environment with staff always willing to help. Regardless of your personality, everyone can fit in at NTU, I would recommend it to anyone.”

What work experience/placement have you completed?

“I have been fortunate enough to complete 2 placements while being at NTU. The first was with a company called Mattioli Woods based in Leicester. I completed a week’s placement looking into all aspects of the company from compliance to the investment team. It gave me an in-depth look at the company and showed me that investment was really what I wanted to pursue.

During my second year I completed another week’s placement with Quilter Cheviot. During this placement I looked at all aspects of the company, however I particularly focused on investments. I was lucky enough to meet and sit with the dealers who facilitate the trades and have an extensive conversation with one of the analysts about where my degree can take me, and how I can go about getting there.”

How will your course and/or placement enhance your employability for your chosen career? What skills have you gained?

“The course offers both independent as well as guided learning, giving you research skills ready for finishing university. From my experience within placements they’ve given me the skills necessary for moving into the world of work. It’s allowed me to develop my communication skills and begin to make myself a more desirable candidate. It allows you to establish a network of contacts.”

What opportunities have you had as a result of studying with NBS? How have these activities contributed to your university experience?

“During my time at NBS I had the pleasure of being a CERT mentor. For this I helped the new students at the university settle in, being mainly focused on the academic side of things. This allowed me to see how the course has begun to evolve during my time at the university, and how feedback provided by my friends and I have shaped the course for new NBS students.”

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