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Lucy Hughes


United Kingdom
You can tell when a tutor is passionate about what they are teaching and this makes the course so much better for us.

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“My experience at NBS has definitely been enjoyable. Of course, there are times when it is challenging, but you would expect that on any degree. You can tell when a tutor is passionate about what they are teaching and this makes the course so much better for us.

I like that the modules are different – some are more maths related than others which I particularly enjoy and then others are more theory based but tutors make sure that they are related back to real life and how these differ. The module team take the ideas and develop them in more depth and constantly challenge us, particularly in seminars where we are left to come up with answers ourselves and then have a discussion, not just be told what is right or wrong.

My studies have already helped me to secure a placement in my third year with HSBC. Without the skills that I learnt in my first and second year, particularly working in groups, I would not have achieved this and I know that this will continue in my final year and help me to get the graduate job that I want.

I have gained a lot from my time at NTU.  Staff are always willing to find the time to help you, whether that is meeting in person or through email, which I value the most. I have also gained a lot of teamwork skills through working in group projects and in seminars where we discuss our ideas amongst ourselves and start a discussion. As clichéd as it sounds, I have definitely got friends that I will stay in touch with for a long time after NTU and that is something I really value.

The advice I would give is to know what field you want to go into after university as that will help you to choose between the Economics courses offered at NTU. Look at the different module choices in second and third year and this will help you to decide what course to do. All of the Economics courses study the same modules for first year so you can have some time to choose and discuss with other students and tutors!”

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