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Matthieu Degouy


NBS was the perfect opportunity for me to develop professionally, personally and academically.

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Why did you choose NBS and your course?

“NBS was the perfect opportunity for me to develop professionally, personally and academically. My choice did not fail me and after a fantastic year in International Business Management, I decided to extend my adventure in Nottingham.”

What has stood out about Nottingham Business School?

“Nottingham Business School is for me the place where I felt most listened to, helped and followed. The exciting lecturers created a 'family' atmosphere with the students and made me want to come to every class. NBS is not just about teaching, but about the opportunity to take part in challenges, seminars and activities that allow for personal and professional development.”

What is your favourite thing about your course?

“The MSc in Management & Finance is a very advantageous course, offering a duality of subjects. Thanks to this course, I was able to explore and deepen the management concepts that I had seen in the first part of the year. The second part of the year focused on Finance allowed me to discover new subjects with a real depth in learning and concrete teaching. The most interesting aspect with the courses is that they train us academically as well as professionally. I have a lot of opportunities during these projects to put myself in the shoes of a manager and to put into practice what I have learned during the year.”

Can you tell us a bit about your consultancy project?

“I was appointed team leader of a five-person team in the consultancy project for the company Debbie Bryan.

The establishment, run by Debbie Bryan and located at the heart of the Lace Market, organises events, exhibits and sells works of art promoting the wealth of the county and the United Kingdom.

Debbie was looking to expand her field of action in the Middle Kingdom. The main goal was to identify the various opportunities in the market as well as the dangers to be avoided. We were able to explore and present the richness of the art market in China as well as the explosion of different online services. We identified China's complex legal framework, the potential dangers of Intellectual Property Rights, the tax system on imported goods and the air transport system. In conclusion, we wanted to provide an efficient solution, easily implemented for a human-sized company without incurring significant costs.

I think the most successful aspect of our project and how it has been received and appreciated is my Debbie Bryan. As an international student, and team leader there is nothing more rewarding than to see how much our project was appreciated by the company. To be able to see that a company is using our advice is particularly rewarding. This experience taught me the value of being a good manager.

The consulting experience was a successful transition to the business world, thanks to a great marriage with the academic world.”

What’s next for you after NTU?

“I now have a clear understanding of the sectors I am interested in - banking, sustainability and the technology sector. Having returned to Paris, I plan to return to the UK next year and if possible, to Nottingham where I have many ties. I keep in a corner of my mind the idea of coming back to NTU to start a PhD and or maybe a part-time teaching position.”

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