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Sarah Di-Maiza Yumani

Di-Maiza Yumani

United Kingdom
This course gave me the opportunity to improve my language skills and the chance to study business on a global scale and improve my international employability prospects.

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Sarah Di-Maiza Yumani is currently studying International Business with French at Nottingham Trent University. She recently studied abroad for a semester as part of the Exchange Programme in France.

Sarah shares her experience of travelling abroad whilst studying at NTU:

Where did you travel to and why?

I travelled to Marseille in France. I wanted to familiarise myself with the culture, so I travelled to different cities such as Cassis, Toulon, Toulouse, Paris central, Paris Marne-la-Vallée, Nice and Monaco. I chose this location because I wanted to do something unique by discovering new things that would help me grow academically, culturally and socially.

How did you find out about the study abroad opportunity?

In the NTU prospectus before I’d applied. What caught my attention was the two years of study abroad in France supported by the Erasmus funding scheme. To get further advice about studying abroad I approached BAIB students who have already been to France having studied the same course and NTU Global staff and my tutors. I also did my own research just to make sure I was following a good path and I watched documentaries to ensure my safety before committing to travel.

What was the purpose of your trip?

I believe the purpose of studying abroad was to really toughen me up in terms of discipline, leadership, teamwork, responsibility (not relying heavily on my parents), cultural awareness and public speaking. Now, I’m not afraid to speak to a room full of people because the partner school emphasised a lot on presentation to large audiences, this, as a result, helped me gain confidence. Another purpose I believe personally and socially was to help me open up to people that I wouldn't normally talk to.

What did you experience as part of your study abroad opportunity?

I’ve experienced a lot of things but in particular, building my confidence will be one of the top ones. Making new friends and being able to communicate with them in French was pretty rewarding because it did help me improve my language skills. I became so humbled by these experiences as I socialised more with the students as well as staff at the partner school. It made me appreciate my parents very much for teaching me French and encouraged me to carry on learning the language up to this point; I’ve realised how very useful it is in a global market. This course gave me the opportunity to improve my language skills and the chance to study business on a global scale and improve my international employability prospects.

Did the host university and accommodation, make you feel welcome?

Absolutely! I really loved my first accommodation which was brand new. Everything had been provided for us, I only needed to bring my suitcase. The business school in Marseille organised students to help with my suitcase as soon as I arrived at St Charles international train station. They were very welcoming, they even helped me with my shopping before leaving.

If you had to recommend travelling to a future student, what would you say?

I recommend travelling abroad either for studying, volunteering or work placement because it opens doors to a plethora of experiences. You will first grow personally because it helps you become a responsible and confident individual. Also, it will shape your mind and you will start to see the world very differently. You will meet amazing people from all over the world, learn a language and about different cultures. These are the characteristics that many international companies are striving for in employees.

If I had to describe my time abroad in three words, I’d say

Adventurous, daring, fascinating

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