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Emphany-Rose McLaughlin


United Kingdom
I love NTU and I am glad I took up the offer and went with my gut feeling because I much prefer NTU to my original university choices.

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How did you enter into Clearing?

I applied for five universities through UCAS and unfortunately on results day I found out that I did not meet the grade requirements for my confirmed or insurance choice, this resulted in me going through Clearing.

Why did you choose to apply to NTU?

Originally, I wanted to study Social Work, so I looked through the university Clearing list and NTU appeared with the Health and Social Care degree rather than Social Work. I had never considered this university or the course that I am studying now, but after talking to my teachers who knew of students that went to NTU and speaking to one of the course leaders, I had an interest for the University and the course. I had a gut feeling that told me to go with this university and I am glad I did choose NTU because I love being a student here.

Can you tell us what you experienced during the Clearing process?

Before I even got to school to get my A-level results, I already knew I was in Clearing because it showed up on UCAS online. Obviously, I was devastated, and my confidence was knocked going to school to get my results. I also found out I did not achieve the grades what I wanted; I wasn’t even close to my requirements. Truthfully, this was one of the worst experiences of my life because everything felt so rushed. But I gathered myself together and looked for Clearing offers at other universities. I love NTU and I am glad I took up the offer and went with my gut feeling because I much prefer NTU to my original university choices.

How have you settled into your course and NTU?

Yes, I have settled in really well. I love my course, and my tutors are really supportive and engaging! I also love NTU, because there are so many opportunities and the University is great at trying to get encourage people to get involved into new things, for example I started a sign language society for the first time.

What do you like most about the course, and do you think you’ve made the right decision?

I love that the course is so interactive, and I only have a small seminar group so you can receive that 1-1 support from your tutors when you are struggling. I much prefer the content on this course compared to Social Work, which was originally what I had planned to go and study.

What do you think about the course staff, how do they support your learning and University experience?

The course staff are lovely and always think of ways to get the class to engage during the seminars. I suffered from a lot of illness during the 1st term and so I was quite behind on my coursework and other work too, but my tutors continued to be supportive and understanding and helped me stay on track.

What do you like about studying and living in Nottingham?

I love the city, there is plenty for you to do and plenty of places for you to go on a good night out! It is also a modern city and has great transport.

In a nutshell, why would you recommend your course / NTU to someone looking to study in that area?

I think that anyone who is looking to pursue a career in helping vulnerable people would really love the Health and Social Care course. It covers all ages, so working with children, adults and elderly, and also the content is very broad. One of the one main problems students find when choosing universities is the course, because deciding what career you want to go into is hard at the age of 17, but with this course, it gives you the time to decide what career you want to do. I thought I wanted to do social work but now on the Health and Social Care course, my mind has been opened up to so many other careers, this course can lead to such a broad range of jobs.

What advice would you give someone thinking about going through Clearing?

Going through Clearing is really tough, I can tell you that from experience, but even though you might of not of got into the University you wanted or achieved the grades you wanted, don’t let that bring you down because there are still loads of opportunities out there that you might like instead. I had never heard about NTU, nor even looked anywhere near Nottingham but then I saw it on the Clearing list, I went with my gut and chose it. Now, I am having an amazing time living the student life at a university that I am glad I went to because I much prefer NTU to my original chosen university.

What are you most looking forward to in the two/three years at NTU?

I am looking forward to taking up more opportunities that NTU offers, I didn’t join as many societies in first year and so I think I might get involved in more. Also, as I go into second year, I have moved out of university accommodation and I am going to live in a flat with my friends that I have met in university, which I am excited about. I am also looking forward to my course becoming more challenging because I’ve been told that it does get harder in second/third year.

Our guide to Clearing will answer your questions about the Clearing process, how you’ll know if you are eligible, and how to choose the right university for you.

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