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Hollie Nichols


United Kingdom
The course is full of dedicated lecturers and staff that want you to succeed, the course is interesting and covers a whole range of topics within biomedical science.

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Why did you choose to apply to NTU?

I looked at NTU when originally applying for universities, but they were going to give me an offer that was similar to another university I had applied for. On results day, when I found out I hadn’t gotten into my firm and didn’t want to attend my insurance, NTU was in the back of my mind.

When originally looking, I liked the structure of my course and how we would be assessed, and the modules that where going to be taught sounded interesting.

How have you settled into your course and NTU?

I settled into my course a lot quicker than what I thought. It’s a lot different to A-level as there is less face to face teaching and more independent study time, which is great as you have plenty of time to catch up on any missed lectures, coursework etc, and you have more time for societies. I love NTU, I feel as though it’s sort of my home now.

What do you like most about the course, and do you think you’ve made the right decision?

I love that my course is split (roughly) 50% coursework, 50% exams, as I don’t perform the best in exams, but coursework gives me a chance to improve my grades. I also love the consistency with the timetable, as every week was roughly the same, so no surprises! I 100% think that I made the right decision.

What do you think about the course staff, how do they support your learning and University experience?

I found that lecturers have a genuine passion for their subject, which rubbed off a lot on me. It was such a nice change coming into an environment that was a bit daunting and having the lecturers seem passionate and interested, wanting to tell you more but not being able to because of time constraints. They all seem happy to be there, and even more happy if you asked a question afterwards! The lecturers always answer your emails within a day of sending them. My tutor has always been extremely helpful throughout year 1. Whenever I emailed, she would get back within a day. She would also make time to see me if I had a few questions I needed to ask, and I felt like I wasn’t rushed out the door, she answered all my questions and didn’t seem annoyed.

What do you like about studying and living in Nottingham?

I like the support from the library staff, they are very helpful with teaching you how to reference, how to write an essay, help with maths etc. The library has different zones for level of noise allowed which is good when you want to study with a friend, or get on with some coursework, you know where to go. Nottingham is an amazing city, there’s always stuff going on in the Old Market Square, there’s plenty of places to eat and drink, there’s lots of touristy things to do, the list is endless and you’ll never get bored! The nightlife in Nottingham is fantastic too, there’s always people around, plenty of police and so I always feel safe and secure.

There’s also a brilliant bus service to help you get around Notts, they’re always on time, and there’s plenty on a night-time as well to get you home safely after a night out clubbing!

In a nutshell, why would you recommend your course / NTU to someone looking to study in that area?

The course is full of dedicated lecturers and staff that want you to succeed, the course is interesting and covers a whole range of topics within biomedical science. There is always something happening on campus as well, and loads of events to get involved in. NTU is an amazing community and I’m proud to be a part of it.

What advice would you give someone thinking about going through Clearing?

My advice to anyone thinking about going through Clearing is to research universities that you’re interested in attending. Look at their grades that they want, and realistically think about if you will have achieved them or not. Maybe look at three or four universities, some with higher grades and some with lower grades, and research each one thoroughly to see if you would study there. Also research the city that it is in, for example nightlife, crime rate, places to see etc.

What are you most looking forward to in the two / three years at NTU?

I’m really looking forward to learning more in my 2nd and 3rd years, and to involve myself more in university life. I’m also looking forward to meeting more people, joining more societies and exploring Nottingham more. I am also considering taking a placement year or staying on for my integrated masters.

Can you tell us what you experienced during the Clearing process?

As mentioned previously, I had already looked into NTU before deciding not to apply on the grounds that the offer was similar to another university. This made it easier for me to go through Clearing as I already had a good idea of what the University was like, so I wasn’t panicking as much as I thought I would have. I called the Clearing hotline and got through quite quickly which I wasn’t expecting. I had a really good experience this day, which is something I never thought I’d say, purely because throughout the entire process there was staff to call and they were incredibly helpful, and made this process practically stress free. I was very lucky as there was only a couple of spaces left on my course, so ring Clearing early!

I was invited to a Clearing open day. which both myself and my parents attended. This put us all at ease because I’d never seen NTU in real life, just what is on the website, and I had done the virtual tour, but it's better to see where you are actually studying/living. There was a lot of staff and current students around to help us out, directing us, giving us a tour of the campus, where most of my lectures would be, and a current student was able to show us Peverell and inside a room (which is where I stayed). Everyone was so helpful and made this whole process a breeze. I was also able to speak to an academic who may be teaching me in second year, and she was able to give me lots of information about studying abroad and placement years.

Our guide to Clearing will answer your questions about the Clearing process, how you’ll know if you are eligible, and how to choose the right university for you.

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