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Chigozirim Victoria Onyeagbako

Victoria Onyeagbako

What I enjoy the most about my course is the practicability, the transfer of knowledge and direction from lecturers to students… lectures are highly interactive and as a result engages students which in return makes for assimilation of topics contained in courses.

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What made you choose to study in the UK?

Prior to my studies in Nottingham Trent University, I was a practising lawyer in Nigeria. I was engaged as a general practitioner in J.T.U. Nnodum, SAN & Co. in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

I always knew I would pursue further education in the UK because Nigeria operates a Common Law legal system. This tailors Nigeria practice closely to the UK legal system.

Furthermore, obtaining further degrees from the UK offers me an advantage over my contemporaries as a result of having experienced applicability of laws in a more advanced jurisdiction.

How and why did you decide to come to NTU?

My choice of NTU was mostly influenced by research based on resources found online such as NTU website, the Guardian, and course finders.

I was particularly impressed with the program outline of the FT LLM course which allowed me to choose two courses in any area of interest listed. NTU was also among the very few institutions which offered Intellectual Property Law as a complete LLM course. The availability of Scholarship in NTU and communication with Alumni and student support team definitely sealed the decision.

I chose Intellectual Property Law because of my undying interest in this area of law especially as I was in search of knowledge to help improve the Nigerian Intellectual Property legal framework to advance economic stability in Nigeria.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

What I enjoy the most about my course is the practicability, the transfer of knowledge and direction from lecturers to students. Most importantly, the program has not been over-whelming. The structure is such that every aspect of course is attainable with great time and program management. Lectures are highly interactive and as a result engages students which in return makes for assimilation of topics contained in courses.

There is also student relationship built through group presentations and tasks. For a person as myself who requires common interest to connect to people, it creates an opportunity to make friends and acquaintances with whom to share experiences and knowledge with.

Why would you recommend your course to someone looking to study in this area?

I would recommend my course to anyone seeking to further in this area of law because I have experienced first hand and am satisfied with the dispensation of knowledge, the student-friendly environment especially in relation to international students (you will never feel out of place in NTU). The Boots Library is exciting and encourages one to study more than usual.

What do you think about the staff and support available at NTU?

I will always recommend NTU for staff and support. I personally have felt like a priority to the school at various aspects; enrolment, accommodation, enquires, jobs and lectures. The staff and student support have always been available at the shortest notice and have provided assistance at every point needed.

What do you think are the best things about living in Nottingham for an international student?

There are various international students from various cultures and nationalities undergoing the same process and it makes it easy to settle into the environment. There are also a lot of traditional exhibitions in the city organised quite often (if you are interested in adventures). Students also organise trips quite often to fun places. The standard of living is very student friendly and the city is just right; not too large or too small.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future is to achieve great expertise in my field- Intellectual Property Law and influence my country’s IP system to build a Nigeria which the future generation deserves. My degree is a step towards achieving this.

What advice would you give an international student looking to study at NTU?

NTU is not only interested in your academic and intellectual well-being but also your future and employability status after studies. This should be a major concern of all aspiring international students. Of what use is a degree if one cannot secure a decent life with same? NTU creates the opportunity to develop necessary employability skills and explore all opportunities (national, regional and international) available to every student.

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