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Janelle Raymond


One of the biggest benefits of NTU and the Law school by extension would be the presence of a personal tutor. Having a personal tutor made it easier to adjust to living in the UK because the advice given helped me.

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Why did you decide to study in the UK?

I chose to study in the UK to learn about new cultures, meet new people and explore new parts of the world. My thought process went along the lines of; I may never get to travel internationally because of distance, cost, and work life therefore, if I studied internationally, I automatically get the opportunity to travel to a new place. Travelling to the UK gave me the opportunity to visit other European countries. I also chose the UK because of the similarities in the law, this choice makes it easier for me to transition back to Dominica and be able to continue my career in law.

How is the course at NTU different to your course at home?

Studying at NTU was definitely different in regard to the modules completed. At NTU doing a law degree all courses completed were law based. Whereas had I studied in the Caribbean I would have been able to select elective courses in other subject areas alongside my law modules within my degree. It also differs in the assessment system. Studying at NTU my courses were assessed by either one exam, one course work or one of each which made up a percentage of my final grade. Whereas studying in the Caribbean there are multiple exams and coursework to be completed throughout the school terms and year for each module.

What did you find most interesting about Nottingham as a City?

As an international student in the city of Nottingham what I find most interesting is the large international presence in the city. I have always lived in walking distance to not only Caribbean stores but to stores from other ethnicities and cultures where products that I would eat and enjoy back home could be found. This to me was not only interesting but it made the transition to living in the UK easier. Moving away from home was very daunting, however a bit of similarity to home when it came to food made the journey a bit easier.

Did you receive any support to make it easier to adjust to studying at NTU or the Law School?

One of the biggest benefits of NTU and the Law school by extension would be the presence of a personal tutor. Not only can you get support from course tutors the university also allocates students personal tutors and it is mandatory that you have one meeting per term. This form of support was extremely helpful; as these tutors are there to ensure that you as the student are coping well with the course, attending seminars and lecture they are also there to be a listening ear when necessary, and provide advice or direct you as a student to the best place to find advice. Having a personal tutor made it easier to adjust to living in the UK because the advice given helped me with keeping goals, made me feel more secure as I knew that there is someone to speak to if something goes wrong as well as someone to help guide me to what I wanted to do at the end of my studies and what route would be the best for me.

How well did you adjust to staying in the UK?

I can say that I have adjusted well to living in Nottingham and by adjusting to living here I believe it makes it easier to move to a bigger and faster city. Coming from a small island 750 km2, moving to a huge city was concerning not just for myself but for my family. However, in Nottingham everything is close and easily accessible which makes it easier to manage and to not feel overwhelmed. Nottingham is also a quieter city than cities like Manchester or London and not as busy either. Nottingham and NTU by extension also feel safe and easy to navigate. By my first week at NTU I was able to use and understand Nottingham’s tram network, find grocery stores near me to shop and find fun activities near and around me such as the cinema to have fun.

How did you relax and have some ‘down time’ from your course?

The location of NTU is one of the best aspects of the university. The reason being when I needed time to relax or have fun the cinema, bowling alley, ice skating rink and mini golfing are all within a 15 minute walk from NTU. Additionally, there is the Arboretum a mere 5 minutes walk away from campus which can be used to enjoy the environment and have some quite time. I also enjoyed nights out which again is easily accessible whether you live on campus or you don’t as transportation within Nottingham is one of the best. The tram and busses are always readily available.

From your experience, how would you advise future international students? Any top tips?

Top tips I would give to any future international student would be to find a community or persons who relate to your experiences as an international student as this community can help stop the feeling of loneliness and home sickness. I would suggest that you utilize the support provided by NTU including personal tutors, student mentors and library assistance to name a few. I would suggest that as an international student you engage in part-time work especially around campus where possible as you can gain experience, earn money and meet new persons. Finally, I would suggest work hard to do well but remember to enjoy this new experience, for some of you this is your first time in the UK. Use this opportunity as a time to enjoy what the UK has to offer.

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